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Wired Mice


Wired mice are normally connected via the USB interface. Compared to similarly equipped wireless mice, these tend to be cheaper and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of recharging or battery replacement, since they are powered directly from the computer. The downside is their limited reach, as the power cord keeps you tied to the computer.


How to choose a wired mouse?

Wired gaming mouse

Gaming mice are more durable compared to office mice and tend to have a more striking and attractive design. They also have a rubberised surface to provide a good grip. Many feature adjustable colour backlighting. All these extras mean that gaming mice tend to be more expensive compared to office models with comparable hardware parameters.

Wired office mouse

Ideal for everyday use in home and office. Their design tends to be more muted and less extravagant than in gaming mice. Office mice are designed for ergonomic comfort, which is crucial for people who work for hours every day without a break. Compared to similarly equipped gaming models, office mice are usually cheaper.

Other types of wired office mice

  • Vertical - provide a more natural grip to the wrist. Help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Trackball - mice that let you control the cursor (the little arrow on the screen) by a trackball instead of the sensor on the bottom of the mouse.
  • Tablets - replace the mouse for graphics. Operated using the stylus motion across the touchpad.

vertical mouse Vertical Mouse

trackball Trackball

Graphics tablet Graphics Tablet

What else should I know before buying a wired mouse

Orientation - when choosing a mouse, focus on its shape. Although most mice are made for right-handed people, there are also symmetrical mice and special mice for lefties.


  • Optical - generally cheaper. They cope better with rough and reflective surfaces.
  • Laser - more accurate than optical sensors, but don't cope well with reflective surfaces. Laser sensors can be found on more expensive models.

Buy a mouse pad to significantly improve the detection accuracy of your mouse.


Higher DPI boosts mouse sensitivity, so small mouse movements translate to large movements of your cursor on the screen. Most modern mice have DPI values of 1000 and higher, which is more than enough for a normal user. If you play games or work with specific applications such as CAD, choose a mouse with DPI 2000 and higher. 

Scroll wheel

Some scroll wheels can be tilted to the side, allowing the wheel to move the picture both vertically and horizontally. The popular Hyperscroll feature lets you quickly scroll through very long documents. Some mice don’t have a scroll wheel at all and feature a small touch pad instead.

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Mad Catz R.A.T. 8 In stock > 5 pcs
Mouse - Pixart sensor PMW3360, resolution up to 12000DPI, 11 programmable buttons, USB, 50G acceleration

A4tech Bloody P81 Starlight In stock > 10 pcs
Mouse - gaming optical mouse, PixArt PMW3325 sensor, resolution up to 5000CPI, 0.2ms response, 5 backlight modes, 8 buttons, 3 shooting modes, 6 sniper modes, metallic pads, infrared scroll wheel scrolling

Logitech G Pro Gaming In stock > 5 pcs
Mouse - for professional eSports players, optical, 200-12000dpi, PMW3366 sensor, memory for storing profiles, customizable RGB backlighting, 6 programmable buttons

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Classic Range
Mouse - gaming, optical, "breathing" multi-colour backlight, 6 buttons, 800/1200/1600/2000 DPI switches Huan, soft touch surface, braided cable 180cm tall, gold-plated USB connector

As a fresh breeze, the first mouse with a doodle motif, which has what the other mice lack: originality, broke into the game periphery.

£13.19 excl.VAT £10.99
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JD754u4
Deluxe Range
SteelSeries Rival 110 Matt Black
Mouse - Gaming, optical sensor

The SteelSeries Rival 110 Matt Black has a PixArt optical sensor, an RGB backlight and offers six programmable buttons. The mouse is designed for professional gamers who will appreciate its ergonomic design and button placement, which results in lower wrist strain...

SteelSeries Rival 110 Matt Black - Mouse
-11% £37.90
£33.90 excl.VAT £28.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MR079d1d
Premium Range
Razer DeathAdder Elite
Mouse - gaming, 16000dpi, 50G acceleration (450IPS), 1ms response, 7 programmable keys, Razer Synapse 2.0, Chroma backlight, 2m gold-plated USB cable

The newest addition to the popular DeathAdder series shines in an experienced hand. Its equipment includes the most powerful optical sensor to date and broad customisation options.

£63.90 excl.VAT £53.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MR057c4b
A4tech Bloody V7 V-Track Core 2
Mouse - gaming, optical, 3200dpi, 160 kb memory for storing macros, USB, 1ms response time, 8 programmable buttons, 3 shooting modes, metallic feet
A4tech Bloody V7 HoleLess Core 2Always accurate. Minimal lag.Advanced A4tech HoleLess technology ensures that the mouse is always perfectly precise...

A4tech Bloody V7 V-Track Core 2 - Mouse
-11% £16.80
£14.90 excl.VAT £12.42
In stock > 10 pcs
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Genius DX-110 Calm Black - USB
Mouse - wired, 1000dpi, 1.5m cable, USB

The Genius DX-110 Calm Black is a practical optical mouse that will be appreciated by both regular computer users and business owners. The mouse has a simple design and a comfortable surface finish and is designed for both left-handed and right-handed people...

£3.59 excl.VAT £2.99
In stock > 20 pcs
Order Code: ME123f1
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
Mouse - optical, gaming, 200-12000dpi, memory for profile storing, removable weights, 11 buttons, scroll wheel, mechanical micro switches, USB connector

In competitive gaming, even the smallest details can be decisive. Because this gaming mouse comes with an advanced optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy, custom game profiles, and repositionable weights, you will be prepared to take absolute control of all situations.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum - Mouse
-16% £78.60
£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock > 5 pcs
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Logitech G203 Prodigy
Mouse - game, 200-6000dpi, USB

A professional gaming mouse by Logitech delivers up to 8 times faster communication than regular gaming mice. This means an instant on-screen response...

Logitech G203 Prodigy - Mouse
-20% £34.93
£27.90 excl.VAT £23.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MG137a5a
Yenkee YMS 3017 Ambush
Mouse - gaming, wired, adjustable multicolour backlight, 5 programmable buttons, gold-plated USB connector, sensitivity up to 3200dpi, weight 135g

Thanks to its aggressive design, multiple buttons and high sensitivity, the Ambush mouse suits a wide range...

£16.90 excl.VAT £14.08
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: YEE004s
Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
Mouse - optical, gaming, 200-12,000dpi, 32bit ARM processor, programmable buttons and RGB backlight, USB

The Logitech G403 Prodigy Optical Gaming Mouse features an ergonomic shape with rubberised grips for better handling. At first glance...

Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse - Mouse
-17% £61.12
£50.90 excl.VAT £42.42
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MG137a6c3
Logitech Mouse M90
Mouse - optical, 1000dpi, 2 buttons, scroll wheel, USB connector

This comfortable, full-size mouse comes in black and uses an optical sensor that ensures absolutely accurate movement tracking even without the use of a mouse pad...

Logitech Mouse M90 - Mouse
-13% £8.72
£7.60 excl.VAT £6.33
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: MG100a1
Genius DX-120 Calm black
Mouse - Wired 1200 dpi, 1.5m cable, USB

Is the control of your laptop through the touchpad too slow and clumsy? Are you looking for a product that will be storable...

£4.30 excl.VAT £3.58
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: ME123h1
Logitech Corded Mouse M500
Mouse - laser, 1000dpi, 5 buttons, wheel, USB connector

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of computer accessories. The Logitech Corded M500 Mouse...

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 - Mouse
-14% £34.93
£29.90 excl.VAT £24.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MG118c1
Genius DX-170 black
Mouse - 1000dpi, USB

Looking for a reliable low cost mouse for your work desk? This Genius wired mouse is bound to surprise by its high-quality design and long life expectancy....

£7.60 excl.VAT £6.33
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: ME123m4
Mad Catz R.A.T. 8
Mouse - Pixart sensor PMW3360, resolution up to 12000DPI, 11 programmable buttons, USB, 50G acceleration

RAT gaming mouse 8 has been...

£88.90 excl.VAT £74.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: MH701ac33
C-TECH WM-07 Black
Mouse - wired, optical, 1200dpi, scroll button, cable 1.2 m

Simple black mouse is accurate and comfortable to hold. For precision cursor movement stands optical sensor is resistant...

£2.99 excl.VAT £2.49
In stock > 20 pcs
Order Code: MC430d1q
Mouse - designed for gaming, RNBW backlight, 6 buttons, a precise optical sensor with a resolution of 1000/1200/1600/3200 DPI switches Huano, soft touch surface, 180 cm long braided cable, gold-plated USB connector

The numerous colours and the practical backlit function will create the believable illusion, that this optical gaming mouse is levitating...

£11.89 excl.VAT £9.91
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JD754u3
A4tech Bloody A70 Blazing V-Track Core 2
Mouse - gaming, optical, infrared sensor, 100-4000DPI, 160KB memory for storing macros, 0.2ms response time, USB, 8 programmable buttons, 16-speed calibration, 3-mode shooting, 6 modes for snipers, metallic feet

The stylishly lit A4tech Bloody A70 gaming mouse is designed especially for passionate gamers. Due to the high sensitivity and extraordinary response time...

A4tech Bloody A70 Blazing V-Track Core 2 - Mouse
-19% £13.48
£10.87 excl.VAT £9.06
Black Friday
Last 72 pcs
Order Code: ME409t4
Hama uRage Reaper nxt
Mouse - optical sensor, Avago, up to 4000dpi, 6 buttons + wheel, Omron switches, 1.8m braided cable, USB

This stylish gaming mouse offers novice players everything they need. An important feature of the uRage nxt Reaper is the professional Avago optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 4000dpi. With a simple button press...

Hama uRage Reaper nxt - Mouse
-20% £14.34
£11.53 excl.VAT £9.61
Black Friday
Last 36 pcs
Order Code: MB709d8b
Hama uRage Illuminated2
Mouse - gaming, optical, multicolour backlight, up to 3000DPI, 7 fast buttons, ergonomic design, Teflon slides, USB

Looking for a comfortable, accurate and stylish gaming mouse? Look no further as Hama uRage Illuminated2 is the perfect solution. With its ergonomic design and non-slip surface...

Hama uRage Illuminated2 - Mouse
-40% £14.90
£8.89 excl.VAT £7.41
Black Friday
Last 19 pcs
Order Code: MB709d71
Mouse - gaming, 400/800/1600/3200DPI, Avago 3310 sensor, lift-off distance 1.5-1.8mm

The gaming mouse by ZOWIE is focused on the most important features for gamers. It has a powerful sensor, sophisticated ergonomics and an extraordinary...

£63.90 excl.VAT £53.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: ZW001b1
Mouse - optical, 800/1600dpi, USB

A high-quality optical mouse with a high resolution of 1600dpi has been designed for all demanding users and gamers. The mouse is of the common proportions and it is especially suitable for desktop computers...

£9.70 excl.VAT £8.08
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: EG875h
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