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Women's Earrings


Finding the right earrings isn’t hard. When choosing, consider the looks of the wearer as well as the jewellery materials. Properly chosen earrings can highlight your facial features, complement your overall appearance and it’s a great gift if you want to make somebody happy.


What should I know before buying earrings?


  • Gold - this ever-popular precious metal is among the highest quality materials available. You can choose from yellow, white and rose gold jewellery. Gold doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is often used for baby earrings.
  • Silver - very popular, but watch out for tarnishing. High-quality earrings should be coated with rhodium finish if you want them to preserve their lustre.
  • Jewellery metal - the most common and cheapest material, it is actually an alloy of copper and zinc. Its life expectancy is obviously not comparable to that of precious metals and allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin may suffer some adverse effects, since the metal can act as an irritant.
  • Stainless steel - popular and durable. Resembles silver at a first glance but costs less. In most cases, this material is also perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Titanium - only rarely used for earrings. The hardest jewellery material, doesn’t cause allergies, and it’s lightweight and durablee.

Stones, pearls, or simple metal?

The earring shape also depends on whether it is incrusted with some sort of a stone. The finest and most expensive, of course, is diamond. Nevertheless, jewellery decorated with the traditional Bohemian garnet, zircon, crystal, pearl or even made of pure metal can look equally elegant and stunning.

Consider the occasion you are buying the earrings for. Formal occasions require elegant jewellery, while earrings for everyday wear can be more festive and the material doesn’t matter as much.

What does the future earrings wearer look like?

Face shape

The face shape plays a key role when choosing earrings. There are four basic face shapes.

  • Triangular face - looks good with all earring types. You can even try the more exotic spirals to give your look something special. Avoid geometric shapes - squares, rectangles or triangles.
  • Oval face - looks good with almost any earrings. You can experiment with both subtle and bold earring designs. Perhaps the only thing you should avoid are long, oval-shaped earrings that overly emphasise the shape of your face.
  • Round face - choose earrings that visually lengthen your face. Long dangle earrings of any shape are always a good choice. Avoid heavy stud or clip-on earrings and large hoops.
  • Angular face - soften your face with smaller earrings. Consider buying pearls, studs and tear-shaped earrings. Definitely avoid heavy, geometrically shaped earrings such as squares, rectangles or triangles.

face shapes

What else can be a factor?

  • Hair type - combine textures. If you have wavy hair, choose smooth, simpler earrings. If you have straight hair, choose bold shapes.
  • Hair length - short hairstyles go well with elegant and subtle jewellery, long hair looks good with long, dangle earrings. Really long and bold earrings are suited mainly for special and elaborate hairstyles.
  • Hair colour - warm hair tones (yellow blond shades of brown) are complemented nicely by yellow gold; cooler tones (platinum, pale blond) go well with silver, white gold or platinum. Brunettes also look good with rose gold.
  • Skin tone - yellow gold is perfect for darker skin; pale-skinned women should choose silver, platinum or white and rose gold.
  • Clothes - choose elegant and subtle jewellery for subtly dressed people and bold and unorthodox pieces for fans of bright colours and extravagant designs. If you are buying earrings as a gift, make sure to observe the person to find out her favourite colours beforehand. If you are unsure, choose purely metallic jewellery rather than something colourful.

Are you buying earrings for your significant other and have no idea what she likes? Peek into her jewellery box and take note of what she likes to wear. Don’t stray too far from her taste.

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12 Results
Hello Kitty Earrings 41200004
Children Hello Kitty earrings 41200004 are the perfect accessory for your little girl. Jewelry from Hello Kitty excel in modern design and...

£12.89 excl.VAT £10.74
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: SP510
OLIVER WEBER 62060 001
Earrings Material: common metal, Swarovski crystals, diameter: 0,9cm

Decent round earrings made of zirconium metal in white gold, complemented by glittering Swarovski crystals in clear colour. Oliver Weber is a...

£43.90 excl.VAT £36.58
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: SP5216
LOLA AURA 23326902120115 (585/1000; 1.15 g)
Earrings Material: yellow gold, diameter: 13 mm, width: 4 mm
Elegant women's pendant earrings in an unconventional design for everyday and festive wear. Made of yellow gold 585/1000.  Lola...

£87.90 excl.VAT £73.25
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: SP5999
Morellato KT05
Earrings Material: Stainless steel
Morellato is the world's leading manufacturer of modern jewelery from surgical steel . It is probably currently the most successful brand...

£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
Last 2 pieces in stock
Order Code: SP151
Morellato AHL10
Earrings supplemented with pearls and crystals tickets, closing puzeta
Luxury pearl earrings adorned with leaves along with tiny white crystals. Closing system ensures puzety.Women luxury earrings made of...

£121.90 excl.VAT £101.58
Ordered on request
Order Code: SP5096
Morellato AHL04
Earrings accompanied by butterflies and stars with crystals, switching puzeta
Luxury women's earrings Morellato AHL04 become charming adorn every woman or girl. These uniquely processed earrings interest...

£111.90 excl.VAT £93.25
Special Offer
Ordered on request
Order Code: SP5095
Morellato AHO09
Earrings all steel in the shape of a butterfly, complemented by crystal switching puzeta
Elegant earrings Morellato subtly complement the beauty of every woman. They are made of stainless surgical steel shiny...

£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
Ordered on request
Order Code: SP5100
LOLA AURA 43344401000100 (925/1000; 3,70 g)
Earrings material: silver, diameter: 11 mm, width: 6 mm

Decent women's hoop earrings elegant design is suitable for all occasions. Made of silver 925/1000. Lola earrings Aura is a...

£22.90 excl.VAT £19.08
Last piece in stock
Order Code: SP5958
LOLA AURA 23134303400175 (585/1000; 1,75 g)
Earrings material: yellow gold, length: 20 mm Width: 8 mm

Elegant women hanging earrings in a unique design for everyday and ceremonial wear. Made of yellow gold 585/1000.  Lola earrings...

£133.90 excl.VAT £111.58
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: SP5998
LOLA AURA 23126962360180 (585/1000; 1,8 g)
Earrings material: yellow gold, length: 21 mm, width: 5 mm

Elegant women hanging earrings in a decent design for everyday and ceremonial wear. Made of yellow gold 585/1000. Aura Lola earrings are...

£135.90 excl.VAT £113.25
Last 2 pieces in stock
Order Code: SP5995
LOLA AURA 23316300010240 (585/1000; 2.4 g)
Earrings Material: yellow gold, diameter: 27 mm

Elegant ladies circular earrings in unusual design and colour combination. Made of yellow gold 585/1000.  Lola Aura earrings are a...

£164.90 excl.VAT £137.42
Last 2 pieces in stock
Order Code: SP6045
Earrings Material: sterling silver, 14-Karat gold, white pearl, 0.04ct TW h/vs diamonds
Earrings with timeless design are suitable for everyday wear, but their gentle...

£237.90 excl.VAT £198.25
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: SP6245

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