When You Think of Everything

With financial services provided by Alza.cz, you don't need to worry anymore. What can we do for you?


Extended Warranty

Get up to three years in addition to the standard warranty! We will repair or replace any defective goods for free.

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Returns Within 60 Days

Get the opportunity to return products without giving a reason within 60 days of purchase. No more inappropriate gifts!

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Immediate Replacement

If your device breaks down, you do not have to wait for your claim to be settled. Come pick up a new device instead.

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Free TV Exchange

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Enjoy our full service, including selecting the right device, servicing it and giving you advice.

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First Start

Don't waste time setting up and installing your new product. Leave it to our experts and they will do it for you!

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When You Don't Have Cash

Do not leave anything to chance and try our services, which will protect you from possible threats.


Alza NEO Rental

New models on a regular basis, including insurance and other services. No credit, no instalments, you just use your device.

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One Third

With One Third, you can take the goods home straight away and pay only 1/3 of its price. You will pay the rest within 3 months of purchase.

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Instalment Purchase

You can choose from several payment options, such as an interest-free instalment plan or the lowest possible instalments.

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When Caution Is Never Enough

With financial services provided by Alza.cz, you don't need to worry anymore. What can we do for you?


Breakage and Theft Insurance

Don't worry about unexpected situations, such as accidental breakage or theft. Stay calm anywhere in the world with our insurance.

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Theft Insurance

You don't need to be constantly on the lookout. With theft insurance, you can relax wherever you are without worrying.

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Antivirus and Security

Not only computers, but also tablets and smartphones can be the target of an attack. We provide comprehensive system and data protection.

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Post-Warranty Service

Broken products out of warranty? With our Post-Warranty Service, you will have your goods back in no time and the entire process will be worry-free.

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When the Work of an Expert Is Irreplaceable

You can also use special services including remote or home installation.


Professional TV Wall Mount Installation

Have you purchased a new TV and want to mount it to the wall? No problem, order our service and our technician will do it for you.

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Custom PC and PC Assembly

Do you like unique products? Let us build you a PC according to your wishes! Get the most out of your PC's performance.

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Film and Glass Screen Protector Installation

Almost 20% of displays break every year. You can significantly reduce the risk by using a professional film or glass screen protector.

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Remote Installation

Not sure how to install new software, a printer, or how to handle a computer infected with a virus? Our trained technician will take care of it for your.

How can we help you remotely?

  • Cleaning and speeding up your PC
  • Operating system reinstallation
  • PC virus removal
  • Data backup
  • Professional consultations
  • First start
  • Printer or scanner installation
  • Software installation
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On-Site Installation

Do you need help setting up a 3D printer or a corporate network? All this and much more is included in our On-Site Installation services.

How can we help you?

  • Software installation
  • Operating system installation
  • 3D printer installation
  • 3D printer maintenance and setup
  • Software updates
  • Office networking
  • Security and backup
  • Basic operating system control
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