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Before buying a projector, first determine how far from the screen or wall it will be placed. If the projector isn't placed at its optimal throw distance, it won't provide a sufficiently sharp image.


The ideal projector resolution depends on what you intend to project

Film projectors

Movies are filmed in widescreen resolution. Therefore, when choosing a a film projector, go for a model with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 21:9. A Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) or 4K (3840 × 2160 or 4096 × 2160 pixels) native resolution provides excellent image quality. If you are on a limited budget or require a shorter throw distance, HD resolution (1024 × 768 pixels) is sufficient.

Office projectors for presentations

For presentations, we recommend an aspect ratio of 16:10 or 4:3. Office projectors with WXGA resolution (1280 × 800 pixels) or higher provide sufficient image quality .


Visualisers can scan photos, sheets of paper with text, objects, etc., and convert them into digital form. Then you can display the information on your computer screen or project it through the projector. Visualiser are often used during lectures and presentations.

Read about the difference between the native and maximum resolution of a projector.

What else should I consider when choosing a projector

Projection distance and image diagonal

The further you place the projector from the screen or wall, the larger the size of the projected image.

Projection distance 2 m 3 m 4 m 5 m
Diagonal 1.1 to 1.6 m 1.6 to 2.4 m 2 to 3.2 m 2.5 to 4 m


  • Up to 2000 lumens - suitable for darkened rooms with minimal lighting.
  • 2000-3000 lumens - recommend for less well-lit rooms.
  • Over 3,000 lumens - provides a highly visible projection, even in daylight.


  • DLP projectors - have excellent contrast and shadow detail. Compared with LCD projectors, they require less maintenance (no need to clean the dust). The disadvantage is that fast moving objects may cause a rainbow effect on the canvas.
    • With halogen lamp - compared with LED projectors, they are often larger in size with higher luminance and power consumption.
    • With LEDs - generally smaller in size; they offer low power consumption, but also lower luminosity.
  • LCD projectors - outstanding colour reproduction. Compared with DLP projectors, they are more prone to rainbow effect but are quieter. They are also slightly more difficult to maintain (some models have a dust filter, which must be cleaned from time to time).


Before buying, make sure the projector has at least one same port as the device to which you plan to connect it. If not, you won't be able to connect to the projector.


VGA cable D-SUB (VGA)

composite cable Composite

component cable Component

Useful functions and features

  • Remote control - allows convenient operation and setup of the projector.
  • Built-in speakers - ideal for those planning to show films and videos.
  • Wi-Fi - project slideshows, movies and videos wirelessly from your computer.
  • Zoom - resize the image without moving the projector.
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) - allows you to project two different presentations or videos simultaneously.
  • USB port - project films, videos or presentations without your PC via an external memory drive.
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202 Results
Optoma X341
Projector - DLP, nat. XGA (1024x768), 4: 3, 16:9, FULL 3D 3300 ANSI lumens, contrast of 22,000:1, HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232, 2W speakers, DO

Project your presentation at any time of day and capture their audience with a clear message. Optoma projector X341 is designed...

£329.90 excl.VAT £274.92
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: WY002p0k1
Epson EB-1795F
Projector - 3LCD Full HD (1920x1080) 16:9, 3200 ANSI lumens, 10,000:1, HDMI, D-Sub, 2x USB, MHL, LAN, NFC, WiFi, 1W speaker, DO

Mobile professionals welcome this projector, where it has ideally blended more than decent performance and carrying performance. They can be...

Epson EB-1795F - Projector
-23% £1,437.01
£1,109 excl.VAT £924.17
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX288t32n
Epson EB-W04
Projector - 3LCD, WXGA (1280x800), 3000 lumen output, contrast ratio of 15,000:1, HDMI, USB, RCA, 1W speaker

To achieve amazing projections, you do not need large, heavy and expensive equipment. This contrast-enhanced EB-W04 Versatile Projector by Epson guarantees clear, long-life projection in...

Epson EB-W04 - Projector
-6% £390.66
£369 excl.VAT £307.50
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX244u7
Epson EH-TW5650
Projector - 3LCD, 3D, 16:9, Full HD (1920x1080), 2500 ANSI, contrast 60000: 1, VGA, 2x HDMI, MHL, USB, mini-jack, LAN, Miracast, 10W

Enjoy the ultimate 3D movie experience in Full HD with a 60,000:1 contrast ratio, just like being at the cinema, through the Epson EH-TW5650 projector...

£889 excl.VAT £740.83
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: WX246a0d
Epson EB-2040
Projector - 3LCD, XGA (1024x768), 4200 ANSI lm, contrast 15000:1, 2x HDMI, MHL, 3x D-Sub, USB, RS-232C, repro 16W, DO

This high performance projector is perfect for companies and educational institutions as it provides great visual images in full ambient lighting, even at its maximum size - 300 inches...

£746.90 excl.VAT £622.42
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX288v84r
Acer X127H
Projector - DLP, nat. XGA (1024x768), 3600 ANSI lumens, contrast of 20,000:1, VGA, HDMI, Full 3D, 3D ColourBoost, ColourSafe

The Acer X127H is a great projector not only because of its high quality but because of its low price...

£333.55 excl.VAT £277.96
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WX350j3g7i
Epson EB-1780W
Projector - 3LCD, WXGA (1280 x 800), 16:10, 3,000 ANSI lm, contrast ratio 10,000:1, HDMI, D-Sub, 2 x USB, MHL, LAN, WiFi, 1W speaker, DO

Mobile professionals will appreciate this projector with a good performance/design ratio, for its portability. Due to this, it can be used for presentations and meetings...

£749 excl.VAT £624.17
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: WX288t32a
Optoma UHD60
Projector -DLP, nat. 4K UHD (3840 × 2160), 16: 9, 3000 ANSI lm, Contrast 1000000: 1, 2x HDMI, USB, VGA, Audio in / out 3.5mm, RS232, RJ45, 12V trigger, 2 x 4W

Immerse yourself in the real-world Ultra HD world. The Optoma UHD60 will delight television, gaming and movie fans with crystal clear details and extraordinary sharpness...

£2,499 excl.VAT £2,082.50
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WZ003u6
Mini DLP Projector - portable, nat. WXGA (1280x800), 800 ANSI lm, LED contrast of 100,000:1, 2W speaker, USB 2.0, SD card reader, internal 2GB memory

Are you longing for freedom and complete independence for your presentations or multimedia content screening? Asus P3B can offer you all...

£554.90 excl.VAT £462.42
Ordered on request within 4 days
Order Code: WA090g
Optoma W400
Projector - DLP technology, native resolution WXGA (1280 x 800), 16:10 FULL 3D, 4000 ANSI lm, contrast ratio 22,000:1, VGA, 2 x HDMI, RS232, speaker, Direct Power Off

This projector from Optoma provides Full 3D projections and boasts its powerful brightness of 4000 ANSI lm. If you do not need that high brightness, you can save money by switching...

£528.90 excl.VAT £440.75
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: WY002t9y
Optoma ML750ST
Projector - DLP, res. WXGA (1280x800), 16:10, 3D Ready, 700 ANSI lm, contrast of 15000:1, HDMI, MHL, VGA, micro SD, USB, speakers 1.5W, DO

The Optoma ML750ST is a light and compact projector perfect to carry with you between home and office...

£495.90 excl.VAT £413.25
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: WZ001i14
Acer S1283Hne Short Throw
Projector -native XGA (1024x768), 3100 ANSI lm, 13,000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI (MHL), DLP 3D

A convenient DLP projector with 3D projection over short distances. As a result, the chances of the speaker dazzling are reduced rapidly, and at the same time the shadow will not disturb while moving away from the platinum...

£479 excl.VAT £399.17
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: WX371b9
Optoma ML330 grey
Projector -LED, nat. WXGA (1280 x 800), 16:10, 3D Ready, Contrast 20000:1, HDMI, MHL, micro SD, USB, 2 x 1W, DO

The smart and compact Optoma ML330 with the built-in Android 4.4 OS lets you take a wide range of activities. Whether you need it for work...

£395.90 excl.VAT £329.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: WZ001i15a
ViewSonic Pro8530HDL
Projector - DLP, Full HD (1920x1080), 5200 ANSI lm, contrast 5000:1, 4x HDMI, MHL, 2x VGA, S-Video, USB, mini USB, LAN, 2x 10W speakers, DO

A professional visual performance can captivate even a very large and demanding audience. With the ViewSonic Pro8530HDL, the image remains sharp, clear, and colourful even in ambient light. SuperColor Technology offers a wider colour range than conventional DLP projectors, ensuring that users enjoy realistic and accurate colours...

ViewSonic Pro8530HDL - Projector
-8% £1,406.78
£1,294.01 excl.VAT £1,078.34
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WV362v
ASUS ZenBeam E1
Projector - Portable, DLP technology, native resolution WVGA (854 × 480), 150 ANSI lm, LED, contrast ratio 3500:1, 2W speaker, HDMI, MHL, headphone output

Projectors don´t have to be like a big and heavy box any longer. Asus uses modern technologies to create the powerful ZenBeam E1 projector that fits into your pocket...

£293.90 excl.VAT £244.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: WA092c
Optoma X600
Projector - nat. XGA (1 024 x 768), FULL 3D, 6 000 ANSI lumens, contrast 10.000:1, 2 x VGA, S-Video, RCA, RS232, Display port, USB, 2 x HDMI, repro, DO, bag

The Optoma X600 Exceptional has brightness, excellent connectivity and amazing colours, making it an ideal choice for large spaces or conference rooms...

Optoma X600 - Projector
-19% £1,437.01
£1,159 excl.VAT £965.83
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WY002p2
Optoma DU400
Projector - DLP, WUXGA (1920x1200), 16:10 Full 3D, 4000 ANSI lumens, contrast of 15,000:1, 2x HDMI, USB, VGA, RS232, RJ45, 10W speakers, DO

With a brightness of 4,000 lumens and lamp life up to 7,000 hours, this projector allows you to enjoy clear, high-resolution visuals any time of day...

£1,089 excl.VAT £907.50
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WZ001j6d
Acer C205 LED mini
Projector - DLP, WVGA (854x480), max. WXGA (1280x800), 200 ANSI lm, 1000:1 contrast, USB, HDMI, speaker

Very light Acer C205 projector excels with mobile potential. At first glance, it will appeal to you by the size a bit bigger than a CD box. With the...

£270.74 excl.VAT £225.62
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: WX376o3
ASUS S1 gold
Projector - LED, portable, native resolution WVGA (854 x 480), 1:1, brightness 200 ANSI lm, contrast ratio 1000:1, USB 2.0, HDMI, MHL, repro

Are you looking for a projector that could be constantly at your disposal and would provide a high-quality image?...

£260.90 excl.VAT £217.42
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: WA091a
Acer X115
Projector -DLP, nat. SVGA (800x600), max. WUXGA (1920x1200), 3300 ANSI lumens, contrast of 20,000:1, DLP 3D, VGA

Great images with true colour reproduction, resolution greater than Full HD and brightness for projection...

£247.61 excl.VAT £206.34
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: WX350a3g2
Projector DLP, Full HD 1920x1080, max. WUXGA 1920x1200, 16:9, 4000 ANSI lm, 10,000:1 contrast, 3D, 2x HDMI, VGA, RCA, USB, RS-232, LAN, 20W speakers
Treat yourself to the ultimate picture quality with very detailed content or movies in High Definition with 1080p resolution and contrast of...

NEC M403H - Projector
-33% £1,365.12
£919 excl.VAT £765.83
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: WN390c54
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Projectors are excellent presentation tools as well as perfect home cinema devices. They can be easily connected to DVD players and computers, so you can sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy great cinematic experiences in the comfort of your own home.

Projectors typically have many input signal options, featuring composite, S-Video, VGA or HDMI. You can project on plain white walls, but to get the best performance, choose from the range of professional projection screens available. Depending on the way in which they process the internal video signal, projectors are either LCD or DLP. Although these technologies are different, and LCD projectors used to be considered better for projecting data from computers while DLP models were ideal for screening films, today both technologies are practically equivalent.

LCD Projectors
The light source in LCD projectors passes through three primary colour filters. Each then passes into one of three LCD panels through a permeable layer. Finally, all three colours are combined again and projected through an optical device onto a screen, where they are displayed as a complete picture. These devices are both lightweight and easy to maintain.

DLP Projectors
DLP projectors work with DMD chips and use a large number of microscopic mirrors, with each mirror representing one pixel. The image is again broken down into the three primary colours (red, blue, green) and then passes through the micro mirrors and lens before being projected onto a screen.


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