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User Review Rules


We at Alza.cz are well aware that even the most painstakingly filled out parameters and carefully written product descriptions can't compare to actual user experience. And since customer satisfaction is our goal, we give everyone the opportunity to share their personal experience with a particular product.

Uživatelské recenze - pravidla


  1. User review rules in a nutshell
  2. FAQ
  3. Be honest
  4. Write clearly, use good grammar, and avoid profanity
  5. Paid reviews? Absolutely not

User review rules in a nutshell

Personal experience is irreplaceable. We are grateful for every customer who chooses to share their experience with a product or service purchased from us. However, every user review has to go through an approval process. This is not intended as censorship or an attempt to hide negative opinions. On the contrary⁠—our goal is to ensure that we do not publish false reviews on our site that could mislead our customers.


Reviews are subjective by nature—people are sharing their experiences, not writing a scientific paper. Moreover, many features of products or services can't be evaluated objectively at all, such as design or size. So don't be afraid to share your personal impressions or feelings.

How do you ensure that your review is approved without any problems?

  • Rate the product with stars, fill in the pros and cons, and preferably leave a comment.
  • Be honest and don't hesitate to mention the negatives.
  • Stay on topic. Only rate a product that you have direct experience with.
  • Do not copy or link to reviews from other websites.
  • Want to write a book or game review? Then please don't give away plot spoilers.
  • Did your product arrive late, was the packaging damaged or did we give you the wrong advice? Please notify us using our contact form or through the claims process.

What to avoid?

  • Vulgarity, racism, incitement to violence, personal attacks, etc.
  • False reviews written with the intent to mislead our customers.
  • Giving out personal information either yours or that of a third party and violating privacy.
  • Making enquiries: please use the contact form or discussion forum for this purpose.
  • Resolving problems not directly related to the quality of the product or service: complaints about shipping, damaged packaging, missing gift, etc.


The above list is far from exhaustive. Just use your common sense and courtesy when writing your reviews. Reviews that violate the law are prohibited.


How to add a review?

You can leave a review directly in the product listing by pressing the "Write a review" button. You can also review your purchases in your personal account by visiting the "Purchased goods" tab. Simply rate the product with 1-5 stars and the review form will pop up automatically.

Product reviews

Uživatelské recenze na Alza.cz

You can leave a review right next to the product ⁠— the review button is above the product description.

Uživatelské recenze na Alza.cz

User reviews can be found in the "Reviews" tab. And here you can also leave reviews by clicking on the "Write a review" button.

Reviews in the user profile

Uživatelské recenze na Alza.cz

You can write reviews in your user profile.

When to leave a review?

Write a review when you have already had some first-hand experience with the product and can thus identify its pros and cons.

Please refrain from writing a review if the product is still on its way or you haven't had the chance to unpack and use it.

That said, you are not submitting a research paper: you don't need to spend several months testing the product to leave a review. Feel free to write a comment based on your first impressions after a few days of use, though ideally you should also mention this in your writing: "I have had this vacuum cleaner for a week and I generally like it, but a few things could have been better. First of all, ....".

Can I write a review several months or years after my purchase?

Yes, you can leave a review at any time, including for products that are out of stock or discontinued.

I am not a registered customer, can I still post a review on Alza.cz?

No. Only registered customers can leave reviews.

Can I write a review for a product I bought elsewhere?

Yes. However, in this case we cannot verify that you actually own the product.

If you have purchased a product on Alza.cz, your review will be marked as "Verified Purchase". This tells other customers that your review can be trusted.

Should I include the quality of shipping, packaging, etc. in my review?

Please only write your impressions concerning the particular product or service itself. Rating shipping, payment, etc. won't tell others much about the product and trying to resolve any potential issue through a review instead of the proper channels will only make the claims process take longer.

  • Your product still hasn't arrived? Contact us via our Contact form.
  • Do you have some trouble redeeming your electronic licence? Try our guides: Electronic Licences: How to Redeem Them? or How to Activate Your Electronic Game Licences.
  • Did the item arrive damaged? You can contact us via the Contact Form or make a Claim.
  • Is the product listed with incorrect information? At the bottom of the description there is a "Was this information useful?" menu. If you find any errors, give a thumbs down and describe the error. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Form.
  • Do you have a question about a product? Use the online Personal Assistant or ask in the Advice Centre.

Can I edit my review later?

Yes, user reviews can be edited after posting.

Can I delete my review?

Yes. Please let us know via the Contact form (Personal Details - Other). In your message, please identify the review you wish to remove.

Why can't I see my review?

Each comment goes through a review and approval process. We try to do this as quickly as possible, however it may take several hours, or in extreme cases up to 7 days, for your review to be published.

If more than a week has passed and your review still has not been published on Alza.cz, then it was probably in violation of the Alza.cz user review policy. In this case, you have the option to rewrite it and try again.

If you believe that your review has been rejected unfairly, you can let us know via the Contact form. Please note that posting reviews on Alza.cz is not a legal right and we reserve the right not to publish a user review, especially if there is any doubt about its impartiality or honesty.

Do you censor negative reviews?

No, we do not edit negative reviews. As long as they do not contain vulgarities and are related to the product, they are approved without any changes. It is in our best interest to only sell products that our customers are satisfied with. We only make minor changes if we see any overly obvious typos.

How can Alza.cz use my review?

Alza.cz is committed to respecting the personal rights of your review, i.e. always crediting you as the author of the review and not modifying it in any way except to correct spelling errors. The property rights, i.e. the rights to use the work, are transferred to Alza.cz.

Be honest

A user review should be an honest and objective summary of your experience of using a product. When writing a review, do not make things up, state everything that could be relevant to other users and in context. Not satisfied with the product? Then by all means feel free to list everything that you are unhappy with. However, things are rarely completely black and white, so be sure to include both the pros and cons and consider the context.

We understand that your time is precious and you can't spend hours trying to write a comment. So a review doesn't necessarily have to be a lengthy treatise addressing everything from the contents of the packaging to the product's environmental footprint. It's okay to review only some features that you find particularly important. But please try to point this out when leaving your comment and state the angle from which you approached it.

Write clearly, use good grammar, and avoid profanity

When something disappoints us, we tend to see red. It's okay to subject the product to fair criticism. Just please do so within the bounds of decency. Instead of exercising your skills in profanity, focus on describing the specific flaws you encountered. This is the only way your review will pass the approval process and can realistically help other customers.

Our employees who approve reviews enjoy a good laugh now and then. But everything in moderation: the pursuit of humour should not be made at the expense of the clarity and content value of the review. Likewise, read the review at least once afterwards to see if it makes sense. We will correct obvious errors and typos, but if the text is incoherent, we will not be able to publish it on our website.

User reviews on Alza.cz are impartial, objective and unbiased. This is not a place to run a promotional campaign. Whether it is a "review" written at the behest of a manufacturer, distributor or Alza Marketplace partner: there is no place for such behaviour on Alza.cz. It deceives our customers and may meet the definition of a misleading business practice. The ban applies both on fake positive reviews of your own products and on targeted negative reviews of products made by the competition.

Can I actively encourage my customers to leave reviews on Alza.cz?

In principle, yes. Provided that customers are truly free to express their opinion and their impressions are not limited or censored.

Can I hold a promo event where the customer receives a benefit, gift, etc. for leaving a review?

Yes. However, such a promotion should be carried out with the full knowledge of Alza.cz. Giving a gift must not be conditional in a way that would motivate customers to hide the negatives. It goes without saying that reviews must not be censored or edited by the event organiser.

Can I encourage my employees or partners to write reviews?

No. Due to a conflict of interest, you cannot assign or otherwise encourage your employees or other partners to post reviews.

Thank you for actively reviewing our goods and services on Alza.cz. Whether it is a positive or negative review, you are helping other customers make good and informed decisions.


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