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Outdoor Video Cameras


Outdoor cameras are notable for their wide-angle and increased resistance against rough weather and shocks. You can snorkel with them, do high-adrenaline sports and take great action videos from the first person view.


Key parameters when choosing an outdoor video camera

Maximum resolution

Resolution tells you how many horizontal and vertical pixels there are in the image. Generally, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture, which makes for better video quality.

  • Full HD - 1920 × 1080 pixels, currently considered the standard resolution.
  • Ultra HD - 3840 × 2160 resolution, today's growing trend, gradually replacing Full HD. It features four times more pixels, which affects the resulting file size – an average camera can hold only a short UHD video (then you have to move it to a PC or insert an extra memory card to expand storage.
  • 4K - another modern resolution format is 4096 × 2160, officially known as 4K. Although it contains more pixels than Ultra HD, it does not use the 16:9 aspect ratio, so if you play a 4K video on a wide-screen TV, part of the screen gets framed with slim black bars.

Ultra HD and 4K resolution are worth investing in if you own an Ultra HD TV. It displays video in its full quality and shows every pixel. Higher resolution also comes in handy when working with video in post-production programs–you can cut out a part of the scene and still get a Full HD video. However, processing high-resolution video is rather demanding for hardware.

Maximum framerate

Indicates the number of frames a camera can capture per one second (fps). The more frames, the smoother the video. Standard framerate is 30 fps, though high-end cameras will give you 60 to 120 fps videos at Full HD resolution. When shooting in 120fps, you can capture butter-smooth video even at 4x slow motion. Higher framerates are usually available at lower resolutions.

Sensor resolution

The higher the sensor pixel count, the more detailed photos you get when using photography mode. Resolution in cheaper models ranges between 2-8 Mpx; more advanced models can offer 12 to 21 Mpx.

Weather and damage resistance

Some outdoor cameras need a special housing or case to protect them from water, dust and shocks, others have this protection in-built, which eliminates the problems with muffled sound caused by closed housings. A special housing, however, generally provides better water immersion protection, not to mention that if something does happen, you will only need to replace the housing and your camera will remain unscathed.

Battery life

Typically ranges between 1 and 2.5 hours, but a lot depends on the selected resolution, framerate, GPS use, display settings, and active WiFi connectivity. Many cameras give you the option to replace the battery, so by purchasing an extra battery you get a backup power source. The battery can also be recharged via an USB cable connected to a powerbank.

Useful outdoor camera features

  • Image stabilisation - eliminates video stutter caused by minute camera shaking.
  • Display - allows you to keep track of the scene you are shooting and check the captured shots later.
  • Timelapse - allows you to shoot long events and subsequently process it into a short video.
  • Continuous shooting - after pressing the shutter button, the camera takes several photographs in quick succession.
  • GPS - geotags your videos.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth - allow you to wirelessly connect the camera with an app on your smartphone. It can then serve as a remote control and lets you download images directly.
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LAmax X10 Taurus In stock > 5 pcs
Video Camera - waterproof to 40m, CMOS 12MP, 4K/30fps, 1080p/120fps, 2" LCD with Lifeview, support for up to 32GB MicroSD, loop recording, effective image stabilisation, time-lapse photo and video, camera features, effective night time photos, WiFi, HDMI, USB, micro SDHC/SDXC, remote control

Niceboy VEGA 4K In stock > 5 pcs
Digital Camcorder - 4x Ultra HD 3840x2160 / 25fps, 12Mpx photo, 2" LCD, Ultra slim design, 170° angle, waterproof with 30 meters case, Cycle shooting, Time lapse video, WiFi, MicroSD up to 32GB, CZ menu, Battery 1050mAh, waterproof remote control (3m), rich accessory

54 Results
Classic Range
LAmax Action X8 Electra
Video Camera - waterproof to 30m, 4K/10fps, 1080p/60fps, 1.5" LCD with LifeView, supporting up to 32GB MicroSD, cycle shooting, auto image orientation, car mode, time lapse video, camera functions, Wi-Fi, USB, Li-Ion 2x900mAh

Placed on selfie post, wing, handlebars, or the diver's hands 30 meters below the surface, the camera will rotate under all conditions,...

£103.90 excl.VAT £86.58
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Deluxe Range
Cel-Tec Blackwolf + extra batteries
Sports Camera angle of 170 degrees, FullHD 60fps, 2 "LCD, Photo 16Mpx Sensor Sony IMX, Chipset Amparella A7LS75, WiFi, miniHDMI, Time Lapse feature, rich accessories

This versatile camera is a very inexpensive alternative to far...

£183.90 excl.VAT £153.25
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Premium Range
Video Camera smart, action, 4K / 30fps, 1080p / 90fps, image stabilization, waterproof bluntly 10m, 10 megapixel camera, USB-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, Linear view, Voice control, Li-Ion Battery

With the new outdoor camera GoPro HERO5 Session take absolutely perfect video in 4K resolution or 10Mpx photos. A new...

£306.90 excl.VAT £255.75
In stock > 5 pcs
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Video Camera - smart action camera, 1080p / 60fps, waterproof (10m), 8Mpx camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Li-Ion battery

HERO4 Session is 50% less and 40% lighter than the other cameras HERO4. It is the very best wearable, and attachable camera GoPro. Thanks to the...

-54% £344.93
£157.90 excl.VAT £131.58
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Video Camera - smart, action, 4K/30fps, 1080p/120fps, image stabilisation, LCD touch screen, waterproof to 10 metres without cover, 12 Mpx camera, USB-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, Linear view, Voice control, Li-Ion Battery

The new GoPro camera HERO5 Black is equipped with a touchscreen and a completely new voice...

£401.90 excl.VAT £334.92
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Rollei ActionCam 350 + spare battery for free
Digital Camcorder - for extreme sports, 4K, 10fps, 30fps FULL HD, 2" LCD screen, angle of 140 degrees, water resistant to 40 metres, Wi-Fi, safe technology Safety Pad
Record your best outdoor experiences in 4K or Full HD at 30 frames per second. Thanks Rollei ActionCam 350 of your...

£72.90 excl.VAT £60.75
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Order Code: ROLL01x95
Rollei ActionCam 333 WiFi Black
Digital Camcorder - for extreme sports, FULL HD 1080p/30fps, 1.5" LCD display, WiFi, water resistant to 30 metres, extra wide angle to 170 degrees, the ability to control using iOS or Android

Rollei camera ActionCam 333 is one of the first cameras equipped with complete menu of Czech and Slovak - camera control, you will therefore quite...

Rollei ActionCam 333 WiFi Black
-32% £83.08
£56.90 excl.VAT £47.42
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: ROLL01x91
Sencor 3CAM 2000
Camcorder - Full HD 1920x1080, HDR, 1.5 "TFT color display, observation angle of 120 °, 12MP JPEG, waterproof to 60 meters, built-in speaker, support Micro SD / SDHC, Micro USB, Mini HDMI

Capture your experiences in HD video or photos 12megapixelových. 3CAM 2000 is small, light camera at an incredible price, yet reachable by a rich...

Sencor 3CAM 2000
-37% £45.71
£28.90 excl.VAT £24.08
In stock > 5 pcs
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Rollei ActionCam 425 WiFi Black + spare battery + FREE 16GB
Digital Camcorder for extreme sports, 4K video 25fps / FULL HD 1080p / 60fps, 2 "LCD screen, angle of 170 degrees, Time Lapse, water resistant to 40 meters, Wi-Fi, HDMI, remote control wrist bepečná technology safety pad, CZ menu

Equip yourself with class camera for the perpetuation of unique experiences. The new flagship of records in impressive sharpness and...

£94.90 excl.VAT £79.08
In stock > 5 pcs
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Samsung Gear 360
Spherical Camera - 360° camera, Dual CMOS 15Mpx Fisheye, maximum aperture F/2.0, dual camera - 3840 x 1920 (30 fps) single camera 2560 x 1440 (30 fps), 1GB RAM, MicroSDXC up to 128GB, WiFi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, IP53, 1350mAh battery


£316.90 excl.VAT £264.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: SAAW0030
Sencor 3CAM 5200W
Camcorder Full HD 1920x1080, observation angle of 170 °, 5 megapixel JPEG, waterproof to 50m, built-in speaker, support Micro SD / SDHC, Micro USB, Mini HDMI, WiFi (Android, iOS)

Capture the best moments of great outdoor camera Sencor 3CAM 5200W. It is especially ideal complement for fans of extreme sports, who need to...

Sencor 3CAM 5200W
-40% £89.66
£53.90 excl.VAT £44.92
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: WS5113e
BenQ QC1
Video Camera - outdoor, extreme sports, Full HD 1080p CMOS 13Mpx, F 2.8, 4G LTE, a watch with the remote control, Li-on battery is 2260 mAh, WLAN, micro SD, micro USB, IPX8 waterproof case

The first outdoor camera with 4G LTE for instant sharing of best moments. With fast connectivity you share video instantly and synchronize content...

£126.90 excl.VAT £105.75
Special Offer
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: OB123j5
Niceboy VEGA
Digital Camcorder HD 1280x720 / 30fps, 5Mpx photo, 2 "LCD, 120 ° angle, waterproof with 30 m case, cyclical shooting, microSD up to 32GB, CZ menu, 900mAh battery, rich accessories

£31.90 excl.VAT £26.58
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: NCB001a
Rollei professional external flash 56
Flash - for Canon and Nikon, guide number 56, synchronisation of up to 1/8000 sec
The camera professional flash for Canon and Nikon. Synchronization 1/8000 s guide number of...

£126.90 excl.VAT £105.75
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: ROLL45a
TomTom Bandit Bike Pack
Video Camera - Action camera, 4K, slow motion video, integrated gyro, altimeter, GPS, accelerometer, control over the new application (iOS, Android), Bluetooth, WiFi, Battle Stick 1900mAh, microSD, handlebar holder, helmet holder,diving lens, remote control, microphone wind protection

Great Camera Action in special packaging Bike Pack. Accessory kit specially prepared for mounting the camera on a bike or helmet allows you to take...

£283.90 excl.VAT £236.58
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: PP609a2
Samsung Gear 360 2017
Spherical Camera - 4K 360°, Dual CMOS 15Mpx Fisheye, maximum aperture of F/2.2, dual camera - 4096x2048 (20 fps), microSDXC up to 256GB, streaming option, WiFi, gyroscope, Bluetooth, USB typ-C, 1/4" thread, IP53, compatible with Android, Windows and MAC, battery life up to 130min at 2K resolution, 1160mAh battery
Capture the world around you in a...

Predicted Price
£221.90 excl.VAT £184.92
Date of release: June 2, 2017
Order Code: SAAW0031
Digital Camcorder Full HD 1920x1080 / 30fps, 12Mpx photo, 2 "LCD display, 170 ° angle, waterproof with 30 meter case, Cycling, WiFi, microSD up to 32GB, CZ menu, 900mAh battery, remote control,

£72.90 excl.VAT £60.75
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: NCB001b1
Niceboy VEGA +
Digital Camcorder Full HD 1920x1080 / 30fps, 12Mpx photo, 2 "LCD, 170 ° angle, waterproof with 30 m case, cyclical shooting, WiFi, microSD up to 32GB, CZ menu, 900mAh battery,

£62.90 excl.VAT £52.42
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: NCB001b
Olympus TOUGH TG-tracker black
Video Camera - outdoor

Extremely durable camera is ready for action filming experiences. In a reliable body hides a series of sensors and useful technique to...

£252.90 excl.VAT £210.75
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: OL1010a
Pentax Ricoh WG-M2 (silver)
Video Camera - suitable for extreme sports, high-resolution 4K/30p movie, waterproof (10m), shockproof (2m), 8MP camera, Li-Ion battery, WiFi, HDMI and USB ports

Capture life's adventures with a compact and lightweight 4K Ultra HD camera that is waterproof, shock-resistant and frost. Attributes...

£233.90 excl.VAT £194.92
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: OX191o2b
Sencor 3CAM 4K02W
Camcorder 4K UHD 3840x2160, 2.0 "colour TFT display, HDR, 170 ° viewing angle, JPEG 16/12/8/5/2 Mpx, WiFi, Built-in speaker and microphone, Waterproof up to 60m, G-sensor, Time- , Anti-shock system, Micro SDHC support, Micro USB, Mini HDMI, accessories
The affordable 4K outdoor camera with a rich set of accessories.

£81.90 excl.VAT £68.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: WS5113k1

Outdoor Video Cameras

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