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Massaging Devices


Massage is a therapeutic method of stimulating and relaxing the body's muscles. It not only helps with a wide range of health problems, but it is also a pleasant way to relax after a hard day's work or sports performance.


Type of device


  • Massage the skin of the face and other sensitive sites
  • Can be equipped with infrared radiation, which helps to relax the muscles

For feet

  • For foot massages
  • Can also be used in preparation for a pedicure

For the whole body

Massage pads that treat the whole body

  • Massage technique is based on vibration
  • Used either in a lying or sitting position - particularly useful during long car journeys

Shiatsu mats

  • A special type of pad that utilises the methods of Japanese shiatsu massage
  • Applies pressure to specific points on the body
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We recommend
Philips VisaPure Advanced SC5370/10
Cleaning Kit - skin care, 2 speed settings, 1 standard cleansing brush, 1 Revitalising Massage head, 1 Fresh Eyes head
VisaPure Advanced device is to face care for home use that will enrich your care professional elements. Your skin will be radiant, renewed and...

£181.90 excl.VAT £151.58
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAN3520q
We recommend
Beurer MG 147
Massage Device - Shiatsu massage, 4 rotating Shiatsu massage heads, optional direction of head rotation, removable and washable cover

The massage cushion can be used for complete back, neck, foot, arm, etc. massage. Its rotating massage heads imitate the pressure and...

Beurer MG 147 - Massage Device
-12% £54.59
£48.23 excl.VAT £40.19
Special Offer
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU085e
We recommend
Sencor SFM 3838
Massage Device - for massaging the feet, built-in heating element, 3 setting levels of massage intensity, removable massage rollers, inner dimensions: 33 cm

Sencor SFM 3838 is a foot massage device which improves blood circulation in both the skin and muscles of your feet.. Thanks to its inner...

£29.72 excl.VAT £24.77
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: SSFM1
AEG MSI 5505 Massage-device with thermal field
Massage Device - infrared, vibrating, 3 functions (massage, heating, massage with heating), 4 removable massage heads, extra-long handle

The AEG MSI 5505 is a device with an infrared heating light and four interchangeable massage heads. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and relax the stretched muscles...

£17.16 excl.VAT £14.30
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: AEGPC003
AEG MM 5568
Massaging device -vibrating massage pad, 8 massage modes, 6 massage areas, heating function, suitable in the car, 12V power supply

The top vibration massage pad offers, among other things, a heating function. Their 6 massage zones are equipped with multi-speed motors, which guarantees the perfect splashing of the painful spots on the body...

AEG MM 5568 - Massaging device
-15% £54.59
£46.25 excl.VAT £38.54
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: AEGPC002
Beurer MG 520
Massage Device - Massage Shiatsu pillow for muscle relaxation and regeneration after sports performance, universal use: shoulders, neck, back and legs, 4 rotating massage heads, 2 selectable massage directions, breathable mesh surface, switchable light and heating function, powerful lithium-ion built in Battery, running time 2 hours, charging time approx. 3 hours, rotary knob for controlling massage heads, easy operation and control of the product, possible battery or mains operation, 30W

Enjoy perfect relaxation in the comfort of your home with the Beurer MG 520 massage device. Now, with the Shiatsu Massage Pillow...

£99.14 excl.VAT £82.62
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053q
Beurer MG 510
Massage Device - deep regenerative hand massage, relaxation and regeneration after training, 5 degrees of massage intensity, 4 replaceable massage attachments, swivel fixation for - safe support, 2 function levels, tapping massage and tapping massage with heat attachment, removable handle, powerful lithium-ion battery, battery life 2 hours. at medium speed, battery and mains operation, battery and charging indicator, charging time approx. 3 hours, 22.5W

It is now possible to experience the height of rest and relaxation without the need to visit a specialized salon...

£99.14 excl.VAT £82.62
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053p
Beurer MG 300
Massage Chair - SHIATSU massage seat cover, automatic body scanning function, 3 massage areas, adjustable massage roller widths, 4-head technology, attachable, warming function, black colour

The massage seat cover Beurer MG 300 provides a relaxing Shiatsu massage of your back and neck. The massage seat cover feature...

Beurer MG 300 - Massage Chair
-15% £273.06
£231.07 excl.VAT £192.56
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053o
Beurer MG 148
Massage Belt - shiatsu massage belt, 4 massage heads, bidirectional massage,back massage variations (upper back, shoulder blades, lower back), neck massage, adjustable length, warm function

A massaging device that superbly massages poorly accessible places such as the neck and back. It offers you a total of four massage heads that...

Beurer MG 148 - Massage Belt
-19% £71.83
£58.07 excl.VAT £48.39
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053n
Beurer FM 60
Massage Device - shiatsu, feet massage, 18 massage heads, infrared lamp, adjustable tilt angle

The Beurer FM 60 is your personal massage therapist that provides your feet with the well-deserved relaxation after a long and tiring day at work...

£72.70 excl.VAT £60.58
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053m
Beurer EM 38
Massage Device - muscular electro-stimulator for waist and abdominal muscles, 75 - 140cm, water-repellent carbon electrodes, detachable element with LCD display, 4 training programs, timer, memory, batteries included

This massage electrostimulator is primarily designed to strengthen abdominal muscles and waist. At the same time, however, it relieves the...

£49.55 excl.VAT £41.29
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053l
Beurer EM 20 6p
Massage Device - mini muscle electrostimulator (EMS), adjustable intensity of 15 levels, self-adhesive gel layer, replaceable battery

Small electrostimulator which will ensure a relaxing massage in the abdominal muscles and is also stronger. You can choose from a total of 15...

£23.11 excl.VAT £19.26
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053k
Beurer FB 35
Massage Device - foot spa, for feet up to 30cm in length, 3 functions, 16 integrated magnets, soothing infrared light dots, pedicure attachments - 3 attachments, can be used for dry massages

Treat yourself to a quality foot massage at home with this Beurer massage device. It is suitable for both a dry...

Beurer FB 35 - Massage Device
-17% £48.84
£40.63 excl.VAT £33.86
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053i
Beurer FB 12
Massage Device - foot spa, 3 functions, for feet up to size 47 (13), massage attachments

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation for your tired feet with this Beurer massage bathtub. Perfectly pamper your feet....

Beurer FB 12 - Massage Device
-17% £31.60
£26.18 excl.VAT £21.82
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU0053h
Sanitas SFB 07
Massage Device - for feet, 3 functions: vibration massage, bubble massage, water tempering, massage attachment

After a long and busy day, many of us love a relaxing feet water therapy in the comfort of our home. The Sanitas SFB 07 massage device...

Sanitas SFB 07 - Massage Device
-14% £31.60
£27.07 excl.VAT £22.56
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU070a11
Beurer MG 150
Massage Device - for effective back and neck massage, 60W, 2 deep-acting tapping massage heads, 6 programs, 3 intensity levels, washable surface

This massage device is very simple to operate and will provide relief for back or neck pain. It has a total...

Beurer MG 150 - Massage Device
-5% £83.34
£79.31 excl.VAT £66.09
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU079fb
Beurer EM 80
Massage Device - muscular and nerves electrostimulator, massages and relieves pain, various tips stimulation, 4 seperate systems with 8 sticky electrodes, 30 preset programs, 20 individually adjustable programs, timer, output current 180mA, pulse range: 40-250 microns. 3x AAA battery, MEDICAL PRODUCT

A high-quality Beurer massage device that relieves you of any muscle pain. It relaxes the muscles and thus contributes to the revitalization of the muscles. At the same time, it helps against...

£82.61 excl.VAT £68.84
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU079fa
Beurer EM 41
Massage Device - 3 functions, stimulation of neural pathways (TENS), muscle stimulation (EMS), massage effect induced by electrical signals, 30 preset programs, 20 individually adjustable programs, 4 adhesive electrodes, timer, 3x AAA battery (included)

The Beurer EM 41 digital massage device is a first-class electro-stimulator for stimulation od muscles and nerves. It helps to effectively relieve pain and to maintain good health condition, relaxes muscle tension and provides a pleasant massage...

£54.71 excl.VAT £45.59
Special Offer
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: BEU079f
Beurer EM 30
Massage Device - for stomach, 5 training programs, 4 electrodes, intensity 0-40, program length 22-31 minutes

Beurer EM 30 is an electrical muscular simulator with 4 electrodes and is designed for the development of abdominal muscles. It contains 5 pre-set training programs...

£37.98 excl.VAT £31.65
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU079e
Beurer CM 50
Massage Device - anti-cellulite, removable rollers for easy cleaning, 2 levels of massage intensity

The Beurer CM 50 massage device will help you reduce cellulite. Its use is simple, so you can indulge in the relaxation and comfort of a massage in your own home. During the massage...

£31.70 excl.VAT £26.42
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU079a
Beurer MG 100
Massage Device - 3 variants, 2 massage attachments, infrared heat

The Beurer Infrared tapping massager provides a soothing and relaxing massage that greatly relieves stress in the body...

£93.68 excl.VAT £78.07
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: BEU085l
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Massaging Devices

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