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iOS 15: What Changes Does the Latest Apple System Bring?



• Author: Ondřej Chabr

This year's WWDC conference saw (as usual) Apple present new products and we could see what the new iOS, iPadOS, watchOS or macOS bring. In this article, we will take a closer look at the new system for iPhones, with build number 15, and since iPhones are so close to iPads, we will also take a peek at iPadOS 15 and discuss what features to look forward to.

iOS 15, úvod


  1. This Year's Introductory Keynote at WWDC Was Something to Behold Again
  2. iOS 15 — Even Easier Work with iPhones
  3. No iOS without Fun
  4. iPadOS 15 Makes Better Use of the iPad's Large Screen

This Year's Introductory Keynote at WWDC Was Something to Behold Again

Tim Cook began the introductory keynote by coming forth in front of an audience made of 3D emoticons — Memojis. This was because this year's WWDC was again pre-recorded in front of a virtual audience due to COVID health precautions. This, however, did not bar a great show. Just like last year, the convention began with the main updates from the tech world. Further news was introduced by Craig Federighi in cooperation with other well or lesser-known faces from Apple.

WWDC 2021
Memojis advertising the Keynote. Source: apple.com

The iOS 15 builds on the foundations from previous versions but brings a few new features. These concern calls, messaging and notifications especially. The new iPadOS 15 comes with new features that enhance working on the bigger screen that the new iPad comes with. Also, the Apple Watch and Macs are going to get a new update of their watchOS and macOS systems, the macOS system's name being Monterey.

iOS 15 — Even Easier Work with iPhones

The first update to mention concerns the ever-popular FaceTime. FaceTiming now features Spatial Audio, which makes your phone call partner's sound input sound as if they were sitting right next to you, with the sound placement adjusting according to the position of the caller on your iPhone's screen. Surrounding sounds are now even more muted to ensure greater sound clarity of your call. Furthermore, portrait mode can draw your face and blur the background to underline the caller's face on the display. Lastly, you can now share scheduled FaceTime calls via a link to other operating systems, such as Windows or Android.

This year's operating systems are all about sharing. The SharePlay will bring you even closer to your closest ones, no matter how far they may be. You can now listen to songs, watch movies, series or simply share anything via other apps altogether. All via FaceTime call. Developers will get API for sharing integration for their apps and games.

iOS 15, sdílení obsahu
No matter how far you are from each other, you can now enjoy your favourite tv shows, films or music together with your friends or family. Source: apple.com

Messages chat now displays pictures in a better, more fun way. Links, songs or series, for example, will now pop up in your apps like Newsfeed, Safari, Apple TV, etc., where you can always see who recommended the said content.

Notifications are now ordered from the most important to the least, putting those which need attending to on top, whilst the others will show only at a set time of day. If you turn on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode, the other party will be notified in the conversation. If they still wish to contact you, they will be able to send you a message labelled as urgent. If you set ‘Focus’ status, you will have the option to select which apps you wish to allow to notify you. This way, you keep good track of your selection.

iOS 15, notifikace
Set up your own ‘Focus’ mode when you don't want to be disturbed. This is very practical as many notifications tend to be distracting. Source: apple.com

No iOS without Fun

Live Text is a feature that can take out text from any picture, thanks to iPhone's neuron chip. Blurry images or even if the text is recorded on a video poses no threat to the new iPhone's neuron chip. Your iPhone will then take the text and turn it into plain text that can easily be copied to, for example, your notes. The super chip can also understand the nature of the text, e.g. a phone number. This function supports 7 languages. But your iPhone can also detect objects in pictures and can quickly offer to find information about the said object.

iOS 15, rozeznání textu
By pressing one button, your iPhone will recognise text and will enable you to select it and copy it in plain text form. Source: apple.com

Video collages and the photo editor now offer better editing and better music matching. Music is synchronised with images and individual outputs that iPhone can create on its own can be later personalised.

TheWallet app that so far has been able to fully replaces a real-life wallet for credit, debit, club cards, air tickets, tickets, car keys etc. will be able to further replace visitor cards, hotel keys or electronic keys to your households with the new update. Users in the USA can furthermore add ID cards, such as your driver's license and your ID. The user is always notified which personal data the service is taking. Except for iPhone, you can expect this feature to work also on your Apple Watch.

iOS 15, Wallet a mapy
The Wallet app now allows you to enter a hotel key card, but also an electronic key to your house. Maps offer a 3D view. Source: apple.com

The Weather app now offers better animation with more accurate data. Maps now offer the option to zoom out to the planet Earth and select a concrete place when discovering, all that in 3D, with a more accurate display of driving lanes. If you are unsure where to go next, just scan surrounding buildings and your iPhone will quickly recalibrate your GPS thanks to augmented reality. Safari browser will be able to display more content by shrinking the address bar and putting it into the bottom bar.

iPadOS 15 Makes a Better Use of the iPad's Large Screen

iPad is a device that users use differently, of which Apple is aware. That's why the new iPadOS 15 focuses on those aspects that differ from iOS. Most features are shared with the iOS, though. For example, the Safari browser is even on iPad more compact and individual tabs are address bars at the same time. The tabs can furthermore be grouped and named. Safari will also enable extensions, just like other system apps.

iPadOS 15 makes better use of the iPad's large screen. You can put widgets anywhere on the desktop, for example. Split-screen also saw a great improvement — you can now fill the screen up with apps with greater comfort. In terms of the iPad's almost 13inch screen, this could be a lot of apps, which makes this feature a necessity.

iPadOS 15, homescreen
Thanks to the size of iPad's screen we can now easily display not just one, but many widgets right atop of the desktop, no matter how big a space they take up. Source: apple.com

The Notes app also add a few new features. The app will now allow mentions from within the shared note. You can now add hashtags for easier searching among your notes. Another feature is the Quick Note function. Quick Note is a fast way to make a note. All you need is Apple Pencil, which will allow you to drag the window from the side of the screen.

WWDC is an event predominantly interested in programmers and developers, who will be pleased to find that the Swift Playground placed all the bets on easier work with coding and will enable you to post your ready app directly to AppStore. The entire process of designing all the way through to publishing your app is now made possible also via iPad, without you needing to use Mac. Also organising your apps has been improved — it now offers more practical categorisation of installed apps in the App Library. Mac or MacBook users will surely appreciate the connection of iPad with your PC and the possibility to copy files across platforms or the possibility to control iPad with a Mac mouse or keyboard.

iPadOS 15, programování na iPadu iPadOS 15, poznámky
You can now code from the scratch and publish directly from your iPad. Notes app now enables you to tag people.

With software updates comes also better security as well as better voice assistant Siri or iCloud+ for current subscribers of iCloud with practical features, such as email hiding. Sensitive data from the Health app can now be shared with your family, for example, and in the USA, you will be able to share this information with your doctor, if you give them permission.

The new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS a macOS will be available for download towards autumn, but the beta test is available for download now.  iOS 15 will be compatible with iPhone 6s and higher versions, iPadOS 15 will be compatible with iPad Air 2 and mini 4 and higher.

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The development of the systems seems to have largely been affected by the current situation at Apple, which incentivised the company to enrich their devices with systems that will allow undisturbed workspace and better content sharing. They also add more practical tweak-ups that push the systems to the next level. For example, the Wallet App now enables you to use it to store your personal ID or the text recognising app that enables you to print out texts from images.


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