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How to choose the right perfume


Finding a fragrance that would perfectly match your style and personality can be borderline impossible. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips that should give you some idea what to focus on when choosing. 

Finding a fragrance that would perfectly match your style and personality can be borderline impossible sometimes. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips that should give you some idea what to focus on when choosing.

First, consider these questions:
  • What scents do you like? Sweet and spicy or something light and fresh?
  • What season do you plan to wear it in?
  • Are you looking for a fragrance to wear every day or something for special occasions?

What you should know before choosing your fragrance

What is the difference between eau de fraiche, cologne, eau du toilette, scented water, and perfume?

The difference between all these different types of scents is the concentration of the perfume essence. The higher concentration of these base components, the longer the fragrance lasts.

Eau de fraiche is the lightest type and contains about 1-3% of aromatic compounds. Its light and diluted composition means it should not be applied on the skin, but only on clothing.

Cologne contains 2-5% of aromatic essences dissolved in 70% alcohol. Cologne is generally made for men.

Eau du Toilette is slightly more concentrated than cologne. In this case, the aromatic essence is 5-8%, diluted in 80% alcohol.

Eau de Parfum contains 8-15% of aromatic essence dissolved in 90% alcohol.

Perfume is very strong, since it is the most concentrated and intense fragrance. It contains 15-30% of aromatic essence, dissolved in concentrated alcohol.

What components make a fragrance?

Each fragrance consists of 3 matching groups of scents, which can be sensed gradually after the application of a perfume:
Top notes (also called the head notes) are perceived immediately upon application of the perfume and they form your first impression of it. The scent lasts only a few minutes and the top notes typically include citrus ingredients.

Heart notes (or the middle notes) emerge after the top notes dissipate, so about 15 minutes after application. These notes determine the overall impression of a fragrance and last for 2-3 hours. The heart notes usually contain floral components of some sort.

Base notes make their appearance about 3 hours after application and last until the end of the day. This group consists of substances that evaporate slowly and includes wood, cypress, oriental notes, sometimes combined with exotic fruits and flowers.

When choosing a fragrance, make sure to experience all the 3 groups of notes first. Initial impressions form the top notes cannot really tell you whether you will like the fragrance after wearing it for several hours.

What is a tester?

Testers are commonly used in perfume stores to test the fragrance. Tester bottles differ only in the packaging and flacon design - the content of the bottle remains the same. Testers are ideal for personal use, since you can get a quality fragrance for a lower price.

How to choose a scent according to the occasion?

Perfumes can be more or less fitting depending on the occasion. Choosing a suitable fragrance is crucial if you want to make a good impression on people. If you have a favourite "personal" scent, it is probably a good idea to also pick a few different perfumes for the less common occasions. In short, when choosing a fragrance we recommend to take into account both the time of day and season you are planning to wear it in.

Time of day

A fragrance for everyday use should not be too strong. Fresh and delicate scents are ideal. Women should generally go for floral, fruity, and fresh scents, while men should look into fougere, fresh, and woody fragrances.

Fragrances for festive occasions and informal evenings should be more pronounced and striking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the more risky and exotic scents. Feel free to try spicy and heavy fragrances. For women, oriental, woody, but also spicy scents are ideal, while men can opt for oriental fragrances or experiment with various floral scents.


Generally speaking, light and fresh scents are more suitable for spring and summer, while hot, spicy and heavier fragrances shine on the cold winter and autumn days.

TIP: Try a handy refillable perfume atomiser! Its small size means it can fit into any handbag and it's so lightweight that you won’t even know it’s there.

How to properly apply the fragrance and make it last?

Once again, the type of the fragrance is crucial. Perfume, being the most concentrated type, last the longest. The scent should be applied before dressing and putting on jewellery, on the so-called hot zones - warm skin areas with many blood vessels, since higher body temperature allows the fragrance to properly develop during the day. These include the inner side of the wrist, earlobes, neck, inner elbow and knee, temples, or cleavage.

You can also spray the fragrance into your hair from a distance of at least 20 cm, which creates a delicate and lasting scent. The fragrance should be reapplied after about 5 hours. Rubbing the places where you have applied the fragrance with water can also help. Using unperfumed cream or cosmetics of the same series is another way how to make your fragrance last longer. Fragrances and perfumes are often complemented by a deodorant, shower gel, body lotion, or aftershave, so you can enjoy your favourite scent from morning till night.

How to store a fragrance?

Fragrances should ideally be stored in a cool (below 20 °C) and dark place. Storing it in its original cardboard box can greatly extend its shelf life. An even better option is to store it in a drawer in the bedroom, where the temperature tends to be cooler. All perfumes, however, should be used up within 36 months from opening. If a fragrance changes colour, darkens, and forms a resin ring around the cap, you should throw it out.

Fragrance Families


Floral scents form the largest family of fragrances. They are based on distinct floral notes, most commonly rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley. Other popular notes include violet, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. They are light, playful, and fresh, making them ideal for the spring season, which carries the same fresh and playful tone. Floral fragrances tend to be very feminine.

Floral scents are further subdivided into Floral (fresh flowers), Soft Floral (aldehydes and powdery notes), and Floral Oriental (orange blossoms and sweet spices).


Oriental perfumes combine intense and sophisticated tones of various spices. Common oriental tones are romantic vanilla, rare ambergris, or fresh musk. These are strong, sensual, mysterious, and passionate scents, suitable for winter and evening occasions.

Once again, the group has several subgroups, so you can find Soft Oriental (incense and amber), Oriental (resin with musk and vanilla), and Woody Oriental scents (with patchouli and sandalwood).


Woody scents are dominated by woody aroma, such as sandalwood, cedar, and rosewood. Other common notes are vetier, patchouli, and other rare wood species. A woody base is often complemented by oriental, floral or citrus notes. These scents are suitable for both women and men and are sophisticated and striking.

Woody fragrances are further subdivided into Mossy Woods (moss with lemon), Dry Woods (dry woods with lemon), and Wood (aromatic woods with vetiver).

Fougère and Chypre

Fougere and Chypre fragrances are made for both sexes, but men’s fragrances are more common. Their base consists of fresh natural notes of lavender, coumarin, bergamot, oak moss, patchouli and other essences. They are often combined with floral and citrus scents. These fragrances are usually natural and extravagant.


Fresh fragrances are subtle and uplifting and give the wearer a sense of purity and lightness. They are therefore ideal for hot summer days. Fresh notes perfectly complement woody scents. Fresh fragrances are then divided into Citrus (citrus and oils), Green (green leaves and grass), Aquatic (sea water), and Fruity scents. While Citrus, Green, and Aquatic scents are light and fresh, Fruity scents can be slightly more on the sweet side.

Women's Fragrances
  • For romantics and athletes
Men's Fragrances
  • For stylish gentlemen and athletes
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