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How to choose an inkjet printer


Inkjet printers produce high quality prints and are best for printing both personal and professional photos. 

Inkjet printers excel in high-quality printing. They are suitable for printing photos and professional-looking materials.

Pros and cons
  • High print quality
  • Good for printing photos
  • Commonly allow "edge to edge" printing
  • High-end models designed for professional printing
  • Components do not wear out
  • Higher operating costs

Frequently asked questions when choosing an inkjet printer

How long does a refill last?

For basic inkjet printer models, one cartridge has a yield of hundreds of pages. The total yield of course also depends on the cartridge volume. One millilitre of ink is enough for about twenty pages, so as a general rule you can use this simple equation:

cartridge volume in ml x 20 = number of pages printed with one refill

Keep in mind that inkjet printers consume a certain amount of ink to automatically clean the printhead every time you switch on the printer. Every such cleaning consumes about the same amount of ink as printing 5 pages.

What's the difference between high-end and budget models?

If you only need to print a page or two once in a while, then you should probably buy a budget model.

If you print more frequently, however, then you may want to invest in a more advanced device that offers higher resolution, faster printing, easier operation, and more features (Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic document feeder, duplex printing, etc.). Multifunction printers are suitable for both home use and less demanding office environment.

High-end devices are more expensive and are mainly aimed at demanding users. This group includes full-fledged professional printers.

Are inkjet printers suitable for home use?

Inkjet multifunction printers are the most common printer type in EU households. Our product selection, however, also includes models for professional photo printing.

Inkjet Printers

  • High print quality
  • Good for printing photos
inkjet printers

Important parameters


Paper format

Most inkjet printers use the A4 format and smaller, but there are also those that can handle A3 and larger. Before buying, consider carefully how many A3 pages you are honestly expecting to print and whether this feature is worth paying extra.


Maximum print resolution

Maximum print resolution is usually listed in DPI, which refers to the number of dots a printer can print per inch. Generally, the higher the DPI, the finer and more detailed images you get. Basic inkjet printers have a 4800 x 600 DPI resolution; the current standard is 4800 × 1200 DPI and more high-end devices offer resolutions such as 5760 × 1440 DPI or more.

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Print speed

For inkjet printers, the standard print speed is 20 pages per minute. The cheapest models output 5 printed pages every minute, but there are also devices that can print 70 pages per minute.


Wi-Fi interface

Many modern printers can be connected to a PC or even phone via Wi-Fi. This allows you to do printing tasks without any cables, making your work both easier and faster.

Glossary - Printer


A device inside every inkjet printer that performs the actual printing process. The printhead moves horizontally, applying ink onto paper. Cartridges may or may not be part of the printhead. One printhead usually prints in three colours.


A replaceable cartridge used in inkjet printers.


Black or coloured powder (CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key - black) used in laser printers and copiers. Toner production involves various polymers.

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