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How to back up or restore data on your phone (DETAILED GUIDE)

How to back up or restore data on your phone (DETAILED GUIDE)

Have you bought a new phone or tablet and want to transfer your old data to the new device? Or do you want to back up your files just in case, to make sure you don’t lose all your photos, videos, text messages or contacts if anything happens to your phone? Read on to find out what back up solutions and software are the most popular and what you can do to keep all your data safe and easily transfer it to other smart devices.

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! Basic steps when you want to back up your phone data:
1) Connect your phone to Wi-Fi
2) Open the App Store
3) Locate and download the right app
4) Install and open the app
5) Follow the provided instructions

Backing up Android and iOS phones with Google

With just a few clicks, Google can back up your calendar, browser, contacts, e-mails, photos, music, and WiFi passwords. Signing up via Gmail gives you 15 GB of space for photos and 15 GB for other files on Google Drive.

Úložiště Google Drive

If you care more about the quantity than quality, Google Photos can compress all your uploaded photos, giving you virtually unlimited storage capacity for thousands of photos. But if you want to save your holiday memories in full clarity, you can use the high-capacity cloud storage subscription, starting at 100 GB and just $1.99 per month.

Do you use your contacts, notes, and calendar constantly and can’t imagine your life without them? In that case, just set up your Gmail sync and you’re clear.

Backing up text messages and call logs requires extra software

Backing up text messages or call logs can be tricky, so you will need a special program. The Google Play Store users seem to be fond of SMS Backup & Restore, which is a simple, intuitive app that backs up your messages to your Google Drive and restores everything after you install it on your new device. Just make sure to write down where the data is stored, so don’t have to waste your time looking for it later.

Below we list a few more all-in-one apps that both back up and restore your data. These apps can be invaluable if your phone ever gets stolen or simply breaks.

MyBackup backs up smartphones with Android and iOS

MyBackup for Android and iOS is probably the most widely used application for backing up both data and apps, and it works both on your mobile phone and tablet. It is relatively easy to install and provides fast data transfer from one device to another—even if they have different operating systems (e.g. from Samsung to iPhone).

  • No sign-up required
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on non-rooted devices (fairly demanding software code modification)
  • Only one cloud storage option
  • Working with media can be complicated

How to back up your data with MyBackup app

  • Install and run the app
  • Select "Back up" (first tab)
  • Choose whether you want to back up your data or apps
  • Choose the back up method - SD card or cloud (via Wi-Fi)
  • Select the items you want to back up
  • Confirm with "OK" and enter a folder name
  • Wait for the back up to finish

MaBackup - nová záloha MaBackup - aplikace nebo data MyBackup - SD karta nebo on-line MyBackup výběr složek MyBackup název složky

Backing up your phone with Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup allows you to back up all your data and apps, including the settings. To make the transition from your old phone even easier, it can also back up your phone's general settings, such as the alarm clock, calendar, location, etc. Aside from smartphones, Titanium Backup can also be used to back up your tablet data. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with iPhone or other Apple devices.

  • Access to system apps
  • Allows you to remove system apps
  • Advanced back up options
  • Relatively complex user environment
  • Requires a rooted device
  • Some features are exclusive to the paid version of the app

How to back up your data with TitaniumBackup

  • Install and run the app
  • Go to the menu and select "Backup Folder Location" in the settings—select the SD card and create a new folder (you can call it "backup")
  • Go back to the main menu
  • Tap the "Backup/Restore" middle tab.
  • To back up all apps or other large folders, click the folders list in the top right corner (check mark) > tap the "Run" button and wait
  • Select the app you want to back up> tap "Backup!" (top left)
  • Wait for the back up to finish

Výběr aplikace Výběr aplikace Zálohovat aplikaci Záloha všech aplikací přes Titanium Backup Výběr aplikací k záloze

Backing up iOS devices - Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple products allow you to back up all your data and apps online via iCloud or to a PC via iTunes. In addition to the back up itself, iCloud offers extra features that can be used on multiple devices and even Windows.

Pre-installed iCloud provides you with just 5 GB of free space. If you want to back up a large volume of photos, apps or data, you may want to consider buying one of the storage plans that offer significantly higher storage capacity—for example 50 GB of space for just $0.99 per month.

In comparison, Google with its virtually unlimited storage capacity clearly has more to offer. But don’t despair, since Google Photos is available at the AppStore for free and you can simply download it to your iPhone. Consider this option if you want to back up your photos and videos, contacts, or calendar. If you use switch to a new phone with the same SIM card, you will also keep your text messages.

For PC back up, you need to download the iTunes app. In this case, the only limit is your computer’s storage capacity.

Backing up Apple devices with iCloud

iCloud is essentially virtual storage that can be shared by multiple devices at once. Thanks to iCloud, you can share folders, contacts, photos, calendar, and other apps with other users. You can even browse shared data from a computer running Windows.

iCloud offers three basic data back up features

  1. iCloud Photo Library: Allows you to upload, delete, and manage photos and videos from all your iCloud devices.
  2. iCloud Photo Sharing: Share photos and videos with people you invite to your online gallery. Your friends can share their own experiences at the same time.
  3. iCloud Drive: Link your folders, documents, contacts, and other data to all your devices and access them anytime and anywhere through any device. You can use your tablet to browse the folders you have in your Mac in the office—all from the comfort of your home. With iCloud Drive, you just have to drag your documents to a shared storage, which you can also share with your colleagues to make it easier for them to access all the important data.

How to back up iOS using iCloud

  • Connect an iPhone, iPod or MacBook to a Wi-Fi network
  • Go to "Settings" and click "iCloud" (in iOS 10.2 or older, scroll down and select "Storage")
  • Sign-in to your account
  • Select the items you want to back up (On/Off)
  • Tap "Storage & Backup"/"Backup"
  • Select "iCloud Backup"
  • Tap "Backup" and wait for the process to finish

iCloud iCloud výběr položek Zapnutí iCloud

How to back up iOS to your PC using iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone or other Apple device to your PC
  • Launch iTunes
  • When prompted, enter a device code or other verification and follow the instructions
  • Select your iPhone in iTunes
  • Click "Backup" (all data and apps are backed up automatically—except for OS settings)
  • If you want to back up your activity and health data, you need to encrypt the back up—just check the "Encrypt backup" check box and set a password

iPhone - iTunes postup

Backing up Android devices

Android is the most popular operating system today, used by the vast majority of smartphones and tablets. Among the big brands, only Apple has opted for a different OS. Android device owners can choose from a number of apps that allow you to back up your files or switch from one phone to another.

The largest smartphone, tablet, etc. manufacturers have created their own apps, tailor-made to transfer and back up your data with just a few taps. The most well-known ones are Samsung's S-Cloud and Smart Switch or Huawei's Phone Clone. Additionally, two of the apps can also transfer data from iOS to Android.

Backing up your phone with Samsung S-Cloud

Samsung has delivered a smart, easy-to-use app that allows smartphone users to back up their data quickly and easily. With S-Cloud, you can back up all your mobile phone content with just a few taps. The app is remarkably similar to iPhone’s iCloud and lets you browse backed up files from multiple devices. The basic option gives 15 GB of free space, or you can pay $0.99 and get extra 50 GB.

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Transfer speed
  • Free 15 GB storage capacity
  • Works only with Samsung devices

How to back up your data with Samsung S-Cloud

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Accounts (account settings)
  • Select S-Cloud (SAMSUNG Cloud)
  • Go back one step
  • Select back up (Backup and reset)
  • Turn on "Backup my data" (fourth from the top)
  • Once back up is turned on, select "Backup" (first from the top)
  • Choose the items you want to back up
  • Confirm and wait for the process to finish

Samsung - nastavení Samsung - Cloud a účty Samsung - Cloud Samsung - zálohování

Backing up your phone with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a handy app that allows users to easily back up their Android phones. Just download the app to both devices and follow the instructions. Smart Switch also allows data transfer from iPhone to Samsung devices. In this case, you need an OTG cable to connect their respective micro USB and Lightning connectors. If you are moving data from iOS, you need to download the app to your Samsung Galaxy or another Android-powered mobile phone and manage the whole process from there. The app allows you to transfer all the phone content.

  • Simple controls
  • Transfer speed
  • Can be used with other brands
  • Requires an OTG cable for iOS back up

How to transfer your data from Android to Android with Smart Switch

  • Download the Smart Switch app to both devices
  • On the new phone, go to the Settings and select "Backup and reset"
  • Select the first item "Open Smart Switch"
  • Connect both devices with a micro USB cable (you need a USB to micro USB adapter for the normal USB connector)
  • On the new phone, you will see the app menu—select Smart Switch
  • Tap "Start" and confirm the terms and conditions
  • On the old phone, allow access to the new device
  • On the new phone, select items you want to back up
  • Confirm and wait for the process to finish

How to transfer your data from iOS to Android with Smart Switch

  • On the iPhone, go to Settings and turn off the "iMessage" service
  • On your Samsung Galaxy, open Smart Switch
  • Select transfer from iOS to Android and confirm with "Start"
  • Choose whether you are moving data from iCloud or the phone memory
  • Link the iPhone and Samsung together using the OTG cable and wait for them to pair up
  • On the iPhone, confirm that the other device can be trusted and select "Continue"
  • Allow Samsung to search data in iOS
  • Select items you want to back up
  • Confirm and wait for the process to finish

Backing up your phone with Huawei Phone Clone

For Huawei users, there is a user-friendly Phone Clone app that allows you to easily switch from an old phone to a new one. Its clear, easy-to-use design allows you to transfer all your data between two Android devices using a local hotspot network, all quickly and easily. The app can also transfer data between Android and iOS, but here the options are limited to contacts, calendar, photos, and videos.

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Transfer speed
  • Can transfer data from iOS and Android devices
  • Limited iOS data transfer options

How to transfer you data with Huawei Phone Clone

  • Install and run the app on both devices
  • Select the old phone (from which you want to transfer the data) and the new one (the target location)
  • The "new" phone will generate a local data network password > enter the password in the "old" phone
  • Wait for both devices to sync
  • Select items you want to back up
  • Confirm and wait for the transfer to finish

Phone Clone - starý nebo nový Phone Clone - Wi-Fi Phone Clone - výběr položek Phone Clone - dokončení přenosu

How to transfer your data from iOS to Android with Phone Clone

  • Install and run the app on both devices 
  • On your Huawei, select "Switch to receive mode" and choose iOS  > confirm your selection with "Next"
  • On your old device, select "Send"
  • Go to your iPhone's Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Huawei smartphone
  • To connect to a local network, you need to locate the Wi-Fi name displayed on your Huawei device and enter the Wi-Fi password
  • Confirm your selection and wait for the phones to sync
  • On your iPhone, navigate back to Phone Clone and click "Next"
  • Wait for your contacts, photos, and videos to finish transferring

Restoring back up data on your Android device

To restore your backed up data, you should generally use the same app you used to back up your data in the first place. For best data recovery results, backing up and recovering data with different apps is not recommended.

In the app menu, choose to restore data from the storage (usually a memory card) and wait for the data to upload.

If you don’t remember what app did you originally use for the back up, use the most accessible one, such as the wonderfully user-friendly MyBackup.

How to restore your backed up data from Android to iOS and vice versa

If you want to move from Android to iOS with as little hassle as possible, you can use Move to iOS from Apple, or the snappy Google software aptly named Google Drive for iOS. These apps will transfer most of your data from Android to iPhone and vice versa. Extra points for a great, user-friendly interface.

The biggest remaining problem is that you can’t move your music directly. The easiest way to move your music from Android to iOS is through a laptop or desktop computer. Connect your Android device to your PC with a USB cable and then either copy your music to iTunes or from iTunes to your new phone. An interesting alternative are the Spotify and SoundCloud music services, where you don’t need to move anything because all your songs or playlists are linked directly to your account.

Cloud services for easy data sharing

In addition to the already mentioned Google Drive or iCloud, there is a number of cloud services. These services ensure you can take your files with you everywhere and thanks to real-time multimedia file sharing, you and your colleagues can even boost your work efficiency. So, what apps are worth a look?

Dropbox makes data back up easy

Currently the most popular cloud storage in the world, Dropbox combines simple settings and intuitive computer sync. The basic free version lets you store 2 GB of data, or you can sign up for a data plan and get, for example, 1 TB of storage for $10 per month.

OneDrive for document back up efficiency

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage service, boasting a clear UI and smart folder and photo album arrangement. The service is tailored to work in sync with MS Office. The basic version offers 5 GB of storage and you can get a very solid 50 GB data plan for as little as $1.99 per month.

Box - the cloud file sharing option you have never heard of

It’s easy to use and offers 10 GB of free storage. Unfortunately, the service limits your uploaded files to 250 MB, which means you can’t use Box to upload longer or higher-quality videos without paying for a subscription. With the data plan, you get 100 GB of storage for $10.

Dropbox; OneDrive; Box; cloudová úložiště

Backing up data, text messages and contacts is worth the effort

As any advanced computer and electronics user knows, the motto “save early, save often” is always right. In the article, we have shown you several solutions that can make your transition to new devices easier or save you from unwanted data loss. The back up process generally doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes and it can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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