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Petrol String Trimmers


Petrol trimmers are used for trimming in hard to reach parts of large gardens, parks or orchards. They don’t require electricity, provide high performance, and can handle scraggly vegetation and dense, woody undergrowth. On the downside, they are also heavier, noisier and more difficult to maintain.


Key parameters when choosing a petrol brushcutter

Power consumption and engine displacement

A machine with a higher wattage can better handle dense vegetation–it doesn’t get overloaded or stuck. The higher the power consumption, the more string you can unspool without risking to “choke” the engine. Brushcutter performance is listed in horsepower units (HP) or kilowatts (kW).

  • 0.7 to 1 kW -  ideal for maintained lawns and additional trimming in places inaccessible for a conventional lawn mower.
  • 1.1 kW to 2 kW - copes well with tall grass and thicker herbs.
  • 2 kW or more - can handle dense, scraggly vegetation, woody undergrowth and small trees and shrubs.

Engine displacement is an important characteristic, especially when starting the brushcutter–the higher the number, the more power you need to apply to start the machine. Brushcutters under 40 cc can be started by almost anyone; those over 50 cc are targeted mainly at the professionals.



Cutting swath

Cutting swath indicates how large is the area (strip) the brushcutter mows. Usually goes hand in hand with performance. The more powerful the trimmer, the larger its cutting swath. Normally ranges between 25 and 46 cm.

Aside from the classic steel blade and string, some petrol models also have other attachments—for example, hedge trimmer attachments that allow you to use the brushcutter as a hedge trimmer, or pruners that can cut thinner branches and can even partially replace a chainsaw.


  • Bike handle - considerably more comfortable for extended work on large areas.
  • Loop handle - a basic and not particularly comfortable solution. On the upside, this type is easier to handle in tight spaces and tends to weigh less.

In both cases, a shoulder strap can make your work considerably easier, as it helps spread the trimmer’s weight on your entire body instead of just the hands–something you will definitely appreciate after a few minutes of work.


Generally, the more lightweight the trimmer, the easier it is to work with. A brushcutter’s weight is affected mainly by its engine power and displacement, but most brushcutters weigh around 5 kg. Less powerful machines may weigh less, while professional brushcutters can very well weigh over 10 kg.

Useful petrol brushcutter properties

  • Height adjustable handle - makes trimming more comfortable for users with varying heights.
  • Split shaft - the ability to split the machine into two parts makes it much easier to transport by car, for example. 
  • Bump feed - the string unspooled in increments by pressing the head of your brushcutter against a flat surface.

When using a petrol brushcutter, you should wear standard protective equipment such as work gloves, safety eyewear or safety helmet. If you are using a noisy petrol model, consider purchasing noise-cancelling headphones.

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13 Results
Einhell GH-BC 334 Home
Brushcutter With high quality 4-stroke engine, power 1kW, volume 33.5ccm, double handle with control functions, 3-tooth knife, bobbin 46cm, knife 25.5cm, belt for comfortable wearing
Do you need to mow in the garden, cottage, or some other more grown grass once in a while? It is not a fairly flat area, but there are...

£196.82 excl.VAT £164.02
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: BOF030e
Sharks SH 459
Brushcutter Gasoline 2-stroke, 52ccm, 1.65kW, shaft length: 1500mm, revolutions: 7500 / min, carburetor: diaphragm, fuel tank volume: 1.2L, strings: 42cm, anti-vibration grip, strings head, single-arm straps, Kg

£92.80 excl.VAT £77.33
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: BOK024f
Sharks SH 455
Brushcutter gasoline, 52ccm, 2.2kW, bike handle, fuel tank capacity 1200 ml, semi-automatic trimmer head, trident, 5 kg
Quality two-stroke engine brushcutters Sharks is a great help in the maintenance of the garden and its surroundings. High stroke volume provides...

£117.20 excl.VAT £97.67
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: BOK024c
Brushcutter Gasoline brush cutter with the engine of a 33.5 cm, 0.8 kW /1.1.1HP, strap, semi-automatic cutting head, three-spoke metal disc
Landscaping around your house, but also hard to reach places. Hecht gasoline brush cutter can easily take on more distant places. Wireless design...

£173.95 excl.VAT £144.96
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: BOW133a
Riwall RPMI 330
Brushcutter Multifunctional - grass trimmer, brush cutter, trimmer and pruning chainsaw, gasoline, 32.6ccm, 0.9kW, shot strings of 43 cm, width 25.5 cm blade, cutting length of 25.4 cm pruning saw, hedge trimmer bar length 40 cm
 Give your order green and hard to reach places. A huge advantage...

£158.39 excl.VAT £131.99
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: GAR120a
MTD 990
Brushcutter gasoline, 4-stroke engine, 29ccm, 0.69kW, 7600 rpm, width 46 cm strings, string 2x2.4mm string head Tip-automatics, shot the knife 20cm, drilling knives 25.4 mm, weight 8 kg

£243.66 excl.VAT £203.05
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: GAR457a
Brushcutter gasoline, 2.2kW, shot strings of 40 centimeters (automatic coil) shot tridents 25cm, bike handles, shoulder straps, the weight of 8 kg
Do you have a garden hard to reach places where you get a classic mower, or you need to get rid of a lot of bushes or tall...

£95.03 excl.VAT £79.19
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: MAT005a
VeGA VE24250
Brushcutter Petrol, 25 DEG C., 0.75kW, width 43 cm, semiautomatic wire, shoulder strap, Halved shaft, weight 5 kg
Gasoline brush cutter Vega VE24250 appreciated by all lovers of gardening. Boasts a robust guide rod and...

£64.14 excl.VAT £53.45
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: VGA031b
Einhell GE-BC 43 AS Expert
Brushcutter with high quality 2taktním engine power 1.25kW (1.7 HP), volume 42.7ccm, dvourukojeť with control functions, 3zubý knife, shot coils 46 cm, 25.5 cm knife, strap for comfortable carrying, fuel tank capacity 0.98 liters
You need time to time to mow the garden, cottage or elsewhere taller grass? It is not a completely flat surface, but there are various...

£166.57 excl.VAT £138.81
Arriving Soon 3 pcs
Order Code: BOF030c
Sharks SH 415
Brushcutter motor with 2-stroke engine of a 43cc, power 1.25 kW, 7500 rev./min., fuel tank capacity 850 ml
Motor Brush Cutter Sharks SH 415 is a handy helper with a good price-performance ratio. The powerful motor can i advise you with durable vegetation...

£107.70 excl.VAT £89.75
Arriving Soon 1 pcs
Order Code: BOK023a
Brushcutter Gasoline, 52 cc engine, 2.2 HP power
If you are looking for reliable helpers for your garden, consider buying a Hecht 152 BTS brushcutter. He is not only of good...

£110.58 excl.VAT £92.15
Arriving Soon > 5 pcs
Order Code: BOW132n
Brushcutter Gasoline, 2-stroke engine, 43ccm, 2HP, rotary head 8500 / min, 43cm, split shaft, strap, semi-automatic string head, three-armed metal disc
 Finish with overgrown areas that are so poorly available when mowing. This practical gasoline brushcutter...

£94.74 excl.VAT £78.95
Arriving Soon > 5 pcs
Expected 29/05/2017
Order Code: BOW132c2
Vega BCM 520 multi 4in1
Brushcutter Including a cutter, hedge trimmer and trimmer in 1, petrol, 52ccm, 2.2kW / 3Ps, 43cm shot, string head, mower blade, shoulder strap, drive shaft, anti-vibration system

£180.29 excl.VAT £150.24
Ordered on request within 5 days
Order Code: VGA032a

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