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Electric Lawnmowers


Compared to petrol trimmers, electric lawnmowers tend to be lighter, less noisy, and virtually maintenance-free. The downside is that they are weaker and the power cord can get in your way. Electric trimmers are better suited for smaller lawns up to 750-1000 m².


What to focus on when choosing an electric lawnmower

Engine power

Listed in watts (W) and it determines the overall performance of the lawnmower. Normally ranges between 1000 and 1800 W. A mower with a higher wattage can handle larger areas and rougher terrain.

  • 1000-1400 W - ideal for mowing smaller, flat lawns.
  • 1500-1800 W - suitable for thicker and more overgrown lawns.

If you want to mow tall and thick grass, we recommend a petrol lawnmower or string trimmer.

Height adjustment range

Usually 20-70 mm. A larger height setting range allows you to better adjust the lawnmower for different mowing conditions. A maintained lawn, for example, can be mowed on the lowest mowing height. If you have neglected to mow it for several weeks, however, then you may want to give it a rough, higher cut first and then mow it again at a lower mowing height.

Cutting width

Ranges between 320 and 480 mm. A wider lawnmower is better suited for mowing lawns that don’t have any obstacles you would have to avoid obstacles (trees, shrubs etc.). A narrower mower is better for mowing difficult to reach places, such as between tree trunks.

Weight and grass catcher capacity

  • Weight (12-30 kg) - lighter mowers tend to be less powerful, but are easier to handle.
  • Grass catcher capacity (25-65 l) - a larger capacity means you don’t have to empty it as often. They can be rather heavy when full, however.

Useful electric lawnmower properties

  • Central height adjustment - a single lever is used to adjust the height of all wheels at once.
  • Height-adjustable handles - can be set for both taller and shorter people.
  • Ride-on mowers - these have their own propulsion system, so you don’t have to walk behind them and push. Some models even allow you to adjust the speed.
  • Mulching function - the mulching blade clips grass into small pieces, which can serve as fertiliser.
  • Edge cutting - a structural solution where the rotating blade is almost as wide as the mower itself. This means it can mow grass very close to a wall, fence, or curb.

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10 Results
Black & Decker EMAX 38 I
Rotary Lawn Mower - electrical, power 1600W, rotating metal blade, width 38 cm, height adjustable mowing (20-70 mm), volume 45 litres Trash, soft grip, carrying handle.

If you are looking for quality lawn mower will certainly not unknown brand Black & Decker. It is known for the high quality of workmanship and...

£120.44 excl.VAT £100.37
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: BOD121i2
Sharks SH 1349
Rotary Lawn Mower Electric, 1200W, shot 32cm, adjustable mowing height in 3 steps 25/40 / 55mm, collector basket volume 35l, weight 8.2kg
Do you have a cultivated lawn in the garden that you take care of...

£54.24 excl.VAT £45.20
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: BOK019a2
Rotary Lawn Mower Electric, 1600W, 230V / 50Hz, 38cm shot, centrally adjustable mowing height in 5 degrees 25-65mm, optional mulching, folding handlebars, bulk container volume 36l, weight 12.8kg

£104.53 excl.VAT £87.11
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: GAR442c
Rotary Lawn Mower Electric, 1400W, 230V / 50Hz, shot 34cm, centrally adjustable mowing height in 5 degrees 25-65mm, collector basket volume 30l, weight 11.4kg

£87.10 excl.VAT £72.58
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: GAR442b
PowerPlus POWXG6280
Rotary Lawn Mower 2000W, shot 42cm, central mowing height adjustment 20-70mm, collector basket volume 45l, basket fill indicator, transport handle, mulch, weight 15kg
The PowerPlus POWXG6280 high-quality rotary mower offers enough power to adjust your...

£109.20 excl.VAT £91
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: PWP052g
PowerPlus POWXG6250
Rotary Lawn Mower 1600W, 38cm, central mowing height adjustment 20-70mm, bulb basket volume 42l, basket fill indicator, conveyor handle, mulching, weight 13kg
Electric mower suitable for anyone who needs minimal maintenance and wants to save...

£88.90 excl.VAT £74.08
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: PWP052f
Riwall REM 3310i
Rotary Lawn Mower - electric induction motor, 230V, 1000W performance, 33cm cutting swath, 3-level height adjustment 30-60mm, mowing, grass collection, foldable handle, 10kg weight
This powerful electric mower has an...

£44.33 excl.VAT £36.94
Arriving Soon > 5 pcs
Order Code: GAR100a
PowerPlus POWXG6210T
Rotary Lawn Mower 1200W, shot 32cm, adjustable mowing height in 3 steps 20, 35, 50mm, collector basket volume 30l, basket fill indicator, transport handle, weight 10kg, FREE package 250W cordless lawn mower with 22cm
The PowerPlus POWXG6210T high-quality rotary mower will offer enough power to modify...

£72.84 excl.VAT £60.70
Arriving Soon 1 pcs
Order Code: PWP052e
Rotary Lawn Mower electric, 1800W, 230V / 50Hz, width 42 cm, central cutting height adjustable in 11 steps from 25 to 85 mm, optional mulching, foldable handlebars, volume 47 liters catcher, weight 15.7 kg

£123.54 excl.VAT £102.95
Ordered on request within 5 days
Order Code: GAR442d
Rotary Lawn Mower Electric, 1000W, 230V / 50Hz, shot 32cm, adjustable mowing height in 3 steps 25-65mm, collector basket volume 27l, folding handle, weight 7.5kg

£52.25 excl.VAT £43.54
Ordered on request within 5 days
Order Code: GAR442a

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