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Formula 1 Hungary 2017 (PRACTICAL TIPS)

Sale tornado active until Sunday.

Hardcore fans of Formula 1 should make notes in their diaries for 2017 and mark it with twenty exclamation points! We have a lot of tips for those who are looking forward to 30.7. At the end of July the F1 series will stop in Hungary many famous racers are going to be at the Hungaroring track. Are you interested in a detailed program on how to get back on track, what to watch out for and what tickets to buy? We bring you all the information about the 2017 Hungarian Grande Prix, clearly and in one place!

Articles to read in preparation for F1 Hungary - all you need to know

Buy your F1 Hungaroring tickets in advance

Secure your entry to the Hungaroring circuit early. There's a wide range of tickets and VIP Passes available on Gpticketshop. Here you can buy a ticket for Sunday's race and weekend tickets for the training and supporting races, which begin earlier on the 28.7. Children under 13 years old enter for free although the child must still have a valid ticket for €0, children's tickets can only be purchased with valid adult tickets, maximum of 3 children per adult.

Tickets for the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017All daysSunday
Super Gold€ 450€ 405
Gold 1€ 345€ 295
Gold 2€ 295€ 265
Gold 3€ 295€ 265
Gold 4€ 345€ 295
Silver 2Sold€ 175
Silver 3€ 195€ 175
General Admission (entrance on lawns)€ 90€ 80
3 Corner Super Gold (daily Tribune)€ 450-
3 Corner Gold (daily Tribune)€ 320-
3 Corner Silver 3 (daily Tribune)€ 175-

Ticket prices are cheaper (per day) if you buy for "all days", and are definitely recommended for true formula 1 fans. A Sunday only ticket will save you money, but not significantly. On Friday and Saturday you can enjoy the racing circuit with smaller crowds. Accommodation prices in Hungary are not exorbitant, even at the time of the Grande Prix.

What tickets should I buy for the formula 1 in Budapest?

This Hungaroring plan tells you where you sit or stand. If you want to enjoy the races under cover, you have no choice but to buy the most expensive tickets Super Gold, of course, overlooking the most important sight because the boxes are situated at the start and finish of the race. An equally good view, but without the roof over your head is the Gold or Silver 2 and 3. The 3 Corner tickets, mean you can if you want, experience a different view every day. General Admission tickets will let you into the grassy area, where a little discomfort is redeemed by the cost and freedom.

Plánek tribun u okruhu Hungaroring

How to equip yourself for the Formula 1 racing circuit

Before traveling to Hungary, do not forget to pack a few essentials. On the F1 circuit the hot summer weather will be waiting for you, but you must also plan for unfavourable weather and rain. In any case, do not forget earplugs or other hearing protection. Whilst fun, the sound of the formula engines are very loud - it's important that you don't loose your hearing. We have compiled a short list of the most important items.

Also add food and drink supplies. Refreshment stands are available on the circuit of Hungaroring, however; it is not typically cheap. You can buy food whilst in Budapest and Mogyoród and take it with you. If you are going to view the formula from the grassy areas (General Admission tickets) something that will definitely come in handy are our folding chairs or a mat or blanket for seating comfort.

Letní den na závodišti

Travelling by car to the Hungaroring F1 2017

Hungarian Grand Prix 2017 takes place at the circuit near the town of Mogyoród, just outside Budapest. Virtually all roads to Budapest pass through Brno, from there it takes about three and a half hours. The journey leads across the highway D2 Bratislava, before the Hungarian Mosonmagyarovar area you will join the M1 motorway to Budapest the capital city of Hungary. Drive 10 km out of the city and get on the M3 motorway and drive to the city Mogyoród.

Another way fans can choose to get to the formulas from Southern Bohemia. Follow the road E4, drive to Vienna, then to Hungary follow the A6 motorway, which connects to the aforementioned M1. South route is longer, from Czech Budejovice because of the orientation your journey is around five hours. Not passing through Vienna and Budapest means you have to rely on good navigation.

Pestrý a poutavý program závodů

Vignettes in the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Austria

Ensure your smooth passage without worries and fines. In Slovakia and Hungary e-operate highways, are in use, both countries offer passes for 10 days. For vehicles 3.5T take Slovak stamps 10 €, Hungarian for 2975 forints about 260 CZK. Austrian stamps are valid for 10 days and costs € 8.9 available in petrol stations or in exchange offices.

Important information for getting around Hungary

In Hungary, the difficulties in driving to the F1 in 2017 are simple to avoid. Drink-driving is prohibited - to 0.8 ‰ and driving over the limit results in a fine. It is important to pay attention to the obligatory equipment as well, check it and avoid unnecessary problems. At the roadside you can also be checked for the correct tyre tread. The minimum depth is 1.6mm.

Mandatory equipment list for vehicles in Hungary:

Maximum speed in HungaryExpresswayOut of townCity
Car130 km/h90 km/h (110 km/h expressway)50 km/h
Car trailer80 km/h70 km/h50 km/h

In case of complications Write down important numbers. All accidents must be reported to the police immediately. The insurance company also requires everything should be reported within 30 days. Consider travel insurance which for a few dozen crowns saves you a lot of trouble.

PoliceAmbulanceFire brigade

Parking at the Hungaroring F1 circuit

Parking is available in one of several parks in the circuit for free. If you want to be sure of the place you park you can invest in a stall in the VIP parking lot. The price for parking every single day is 25 €, You'll get the opportunity to come to the racetrack via the comfortable VIP route. In this case it is recommended not to delay the reservation. VIP parking can also be obtained if you take 4 Super Gold tickets.

Pohled na závodiště

How to get to and from the racing circuit without a car 

If you don't want to drive to and from the racetrack you can sleep and park the car up safely in Budapest. Near to the racetrack there is a special bus, which is free for ticket holders, or even a train.  Taxi services are often used as well. If the Grande Prix attracts you, but you want to leave your car at home, a good train connection with the capital city of Hungary are through EC trains with stops in Prague, Cologne, Pardubice, Brno and Břeclav.

Tips on trips and experiences in Hungary, Hungaroring and surroundings

If you do not want to spend the whole weekend at the circuit and would like to have other experiences outside of F1 Hungaroring. Hungarian Summers offer a plethora of other activities. Among the first to be mentioned is Budapest. A major and historic town full of festivals, renowned cuisine and a relaxing spa. Whichever you enjoy the most the Budapest Card, allows you to use public transport, get a lot of discounts and benefits, and some tours have free admission. Cards are available in museums or in subway stations.

Noční budapešť

The city has plenty to offer lovers of monuments, for example, try a trip by cable car to the Buda Castle or explore the breathtaking parliament building or monumental Basilica of St. Stephen. Click here for a whole lot of bathhouses and swimming pools.

Termální lázně v Budapešti

Another interesting stop will be, of course, Bratislava and Vienna. The journey from the border with Slovakia or Austria is definitely worth it. Venturing off the main road around Mosonmagyarovar, Gyor and Tatabanya is well worth it. Ideal for tourist trips, and to visit many castles, palaces and caves. The Grande Prix may not be your only goal for this weekend.

Helpful hints, tips and insights not only on the racing circuit for Formula 1 2017

  • In Hungary the currency is Forint, the rate is around 8.8 HUF/CZK. On the racetrack it is also possible to pay with euros.
  • You can stay in hotels, camps or by using Airbnb. Prices are comparable or lower than in the Czech Republic, Hungary is not among the most expensive countries.
  • An interesting experience can be sightseeing flights over the Hungaroring circuit.
  • Outside Sunday, the racecourse has less fans, for this reason some visitors prefer attending training days and the accompanying races on the first two days before the peak of the program.
  • Because of the noise it is not appropriate to take children of five years and under into the circuit. Very young children may not be left unattended at all. 
  • Pets are best left at home. Do not take them to the course or into any of the parking lots.
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