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Headphones for Home Listening


Headphones for home listening are primarily designed to be comfortable. They are universal headphones that are ideal for household use.


What to look for when choosing headphones for home listening


  • Over-ear headphones - comfortable during long listening sessions; high sound quality. Due to their larger size and weight, they are less portable.
  • On-ear headphones - usually lighter and smaller. Compared with similarly priced over-ear headphones, they are less comfortable.


  • Wired headphones (3.5mm jack, USB) - compared with similarly expensive wireless heahphones, they offer better sounds quality but less freedom of movement.
  • Wireless headsets (Bluetooth, radio frequency) - with no wires, they provide greater freedom of movement (Bluetooth headsets have a range of approx. 10 metres from the playback device; radio frequency up to 100 metres). Wireless headphones have built-in batteries and must be recharged.


  • Closed - dampen ambient noise.
  • Open - provide high-quality sounds (less distortion) but with some ambient noise
  • Semi-closed - a compromise between open and closed headphones.

Useful functions and features

  • Volume control - located on the headphones or cable.
  • Folding design - for easy portability.
  • Rotating ear cups - comfortably listen to music in one ear (especially useful for DJs).
  • APTX and AAC - codecs for Bluetooth headphones that guarantee higher quality sound.
  • NFC - technology used in connection with Bluetooth headsets, which accelerates and facilitates their connection with the playback device. 
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260 Results
House of Marley Roar - pink
Headphones - On the ears, 40mm drives, frequency range 18Hz - 20kHz, with one-touch controller and microphone

Are you looking for affordable superaural headphones with great sound that will not break the bank? Then look no further...

House of Marley Roar - pink - Headphones
-56% £31.60
£13.90 excl.VAT £11.58
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: HMR0021g
Headphones - for private listening, 10-22,000Hz, Acoustic optimiser, 105dB/mW sensitivity

These comfortable DENON AH-D310 headphones boast padded headband ensuring comfortable use and easy adjustability...

Sale Ends In 10:46:34
DENON AH-D310 - Headphones
-34% £41.70
£27.58 excl.VAT £22.98
Black Friday
Last 43 pcs
Order Code: JD205a3
Genius HS-930BT red
Headphones with Mic - wireless Bluetooth 4.0, hands-free features, built-in 15h reachargeable battery, volume control, built-in microphone, USB cable

With every smart phone or tablet, you can enjoy virtually unlimited multimedia entertainment. For example, with our new Alza Premium...

£27.90 excl.VAT £23.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JG207k8
Genius HS-04SU
Headphones with Mic - microphone

The Genius HS-04SU headset with microphone is the ideal solution for Internet communication and pleasant listening to music...

£10 excl.VAT £8.33
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JG207h
Genius HS-400A black
Headphones with Mic - rotary, volume control

The Genius HS-400A headset with microphone is the ideal solution for internet communication. A deep bass sound is...

£10.30 excl.VAT £8.58
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JG207g
Genius HS-935BT White
Headphones with Mic - wireless, Bluetooth 4.1, built-in battery, volume control

The Genius HS-935BT wireless headset uses the Bluetooth technology for communication with other devices. It provides high-quality sound...

£30.90 excl.VAT £25.75
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JG214b8j1b
Genius GHP-400F pink
Headphones - folding

The Genius GHP-400F Compact Headphones are the ultimate lightweight and foldable companion to portable players. They have a 30mm driver unit to ensure good sound quality...

£6.19 excl.VAT £5.16
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: JG214c5
Koss UR/20 (24 months)
Headphones - for home listening

The Koss UR/20 is a closed, robust and affordable mid-range headphone for home listening. They have closed earbuds...

Koss UR/20 (24 months) - Headphones
-7% £24.62
£22.90 excl.VAT £19.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK015a
Koss UR20 (Lifetime)
Headphones - For home listening

The KOSS UR20 is a great value, high performing headset, designed especially for home listening. It has been designed with optimum comfort...

£34.90 excl.VAT £29.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK015
Koss UR/23i black (24 months)
Headphones - closed, microphone, adjustable headband, 20-20000Hz, impedance of 34 Ohm, sensitivity 94dB

The luxurious KOSS headphones let you enjoy the perfect sound while wearing a really well designed and stylish piece...

Koss UR/23i black (24 months) - Headphones
-16% £20.10
£16.90 excl.VAT £14.08
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JK016b62
Koss UR/42i K Dark Gray (Lifetime)
Headphones with Mic - headset, closed, frequency range 20Hz-20,000Hz, impedance 35ohm, sensitivity 100dB, removable cable 1.2m

The high-quality KOSS headphones provide your ears with comfort and high sound quality. Their ergonomic design perfectly imitates the shape of your ear and...

£61.90 excl.VAT £51.58
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK025d2
Koss UR40
Headphones - for home listening, foldable construction

KOSS UR40 is a pair of headphones designed for home listening that is proven to provide great performance at an excellent price. This performance...

Koss UR40 - Headphones
-10% £38.95
£34.90 excl.VAT £29.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK025d
Koss PRO4/S Full Size (lifetime)
Headphones - folding, 10Hz-25kHz, 35 Ohm impedance, 99dB sensitivity, detachable cable and transport case

 The Koss PRO4/S Full Size headphones are designed for music professionals. They reproduce accurate and undistorted sound...

£196.90 excl.VAT £164.08
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: JK124f
Koss PRO4 / S Full Size (24 months)
Headphones - Collapsible, 10Hz - 25kHz, 35Ohm impedance, 99dB sensitivity, removable cable and portable case

Koss around your ear headhpones PRO4/S Full Size are designed for professionals who are involved in making music. They are...

£154.90 excl.VAT £129.08
Last 2 pieces in stock
Order Code: JK124e
Koss PRO3AA Full Size (Lifetime)
Headphones - closed leatherette ear cushions, 15Hz-20kHz, impedance 60ohm, sensitivity 100dB

These professional grade, noise-isolating headphones were designed to meet the high standards of broadcast and recording experts. Increased…

£85.90 excl.VAT £71.58
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: JK124d
Koss PRO3/AA Full Size (24 months)
Headphones - closed, leatherette ear cups, 15Hz-20kHz, impedance 60 Ohm, sensitivity 100dB

At first sight, the Koss PRO3/AA fully enclosed home headphones strike you with their top-notch design and high-quality processing. They have been designed to ensure a thorough isolation from the surrounding noise for undisturbed listening...

£57.90 excl.VAT £48.25
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: JK124c
Koss KTX PRO1 (Lifetime)
Headphones - light and portable

Top portable headphones with titanium-coated diaphragm for accurate sound reproduction. Adjustable headrest for comfortable and safe wearing....

Koss KTX PRO1 (Lifetime) - Headphones
-39% £35.78
£21.90 excl.VAT £18.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK125
Koss KPH/8 K black (Lifetime)
Headphones - head design, frequency range 80Hz-18000Hz, impedance 32Ohm, sensitivity 94dB, 3.5mm jack plug, 1.2m cable

The Koss KPH8 headphones boast a lightweight, durable design, high-quality sound performance and a lifetime warranty at an attractive price ...

£16.90 excl.VAT £14.08
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JK126q42
Koss KPH25 On Ear Headphones
Headphones - Light, portable, folding design, 80Hz-20kHz, 32Ohm impedance, 94dB sensitivity, 3.5mm jack

The lightweight Koss KPH25 on-ear headphones offer great sound for listeners always on the go...

£16.90 excl.VAT £14.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK126i
Koss KPH / 25 (24 months)
Headphones lightweight portable folding design, 80Hz-20kHz, impedance 32Ohm, sensitivity 94 db, 3.5mm jack
Lightweight Headphones high quality sound KPH / 25 and the volume control directly on the cable. They fit into the eye of anyone who professes an...

Koss KPH / 25 (24 months) - Headphones
-8% £12.91
£11.90 excl.VAT £9.92
In stock > 10 pcs
Order Code: JK126h
KOSS SPORTA PRO (24 months)
Headphones - lightweight portable, folding design

These lightweight sports headphones with comfortable headband come to you from KOSS, a reputable company in this field, and you will be pleased with the attractive price. They contain semi-open ear pads...

£27.90 excl.VAT £23.25
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: JK160a

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