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Bread Makers


Bread makers allow for the easy preparation of fresh bread at home. Simply add the ingredients to the container, and the device takes care of the whole baking process. As well as baking different types of bread, some programs are designed for baking pastries, bagels, pizza dough, etc. Before choosing a bread maker, consider the type of things you want to bake and for how many people it will cater for.



Size format

  • Specifies the size and weight of the baked bread
  • Ranges from 500-1800 g
  • Selection depends on the number of consumers. For a family of 4, a size of 1200-1300 g is perfect

Types of programme

  • Consider the range and diversity of a bread maker's programmes


  • Delayed start
  • Temperature control
  • Crust browning settings


  • As bread makers often have large dimensions and weight, it is necessary to consider the size and layout of your kitchen when choosing.
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Top Brands ETA SENCOR Tefal ECG Other...
31 Results
Classic Range
ETA 2149 Harmony
Home Bakery - White, 800W, 1500g load, 10 programs, timer
ControlSophisticated home bakery for bread-equipped function fully automatic preparation of dough and bread. It is ready for baking bread mold with...

ETA 2149 Harmony - Home Bakery
-15% £77.58
£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6051
Deluxe Range
ETA 7149 90020
Home Bakery - power 800W, 2 dough hooks, 11 programs for the preparation of bread, Accessories: baking mold, kneading, measuring cup, cup, hook
With a home bakery ETA will be fresh and fragrant bread at hand. The housemaid is fully automatic and can prepare pastries for patients with food...

£98.90 excl.VAT £82.42
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6055
Premium Range
ETA 2147 90020 Duplica Vital Plus
Home Bakery - 815W, 14 programs, 2 kneading hooks, stainless steel colour, 1.4kg maximum capacity, medium/light/dark crust settings, delayed start, 9kg weight

Just order ETA 2147 90020 Duplica Vital Plus bakery and you can always surprise your family with new variants of healthy pastries, sweet marmalades or fermented delicacies. The bakery in stainless steel...

£151.90 excl.VAT £126.58
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: EAV6055b
Bread maker - 550W, 500/700/1000g fill, 19 automatic programs, gluten-free bread program, rice bread program, 3 crust settings, delay timer up to 15hrs, LCD display

A bread maker used ot be a top luxury in the past, but nowadays it is an affordable appliance with a host of options. Do you want a crunchy bread...

£52.90 excl.VAT £44.08
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: GUZPCH001
Sencor SBR 1031WH
Home Bakery - 580W, maximum bread volume 900g, 3 loaf sizes 450/700/900g, 12 programs, 2 crust crispiness settings, LCD display, timer, white

The SBR 1031WH fully automatic home bakery by Sencor is the perfect helper for every kitchen. It offers 12 preset baking programs to choose from and use for baking of fresh bread, baguettes, rolls, donuts or even preparation of pasta...

£42.90 excl.VAT £35.75
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6073a
Tefal Pain Plaisir 1 kg PF220838
Home Bakery -650W, bread sizes 500/750/1000 g, 17 automatic programs (6 programs rye bread), 3 hue adjustment crust settings, up to 15 hour delayed start, 1 hour Keep Warm function, Non-stick coating pan

Do you love pastry and enjoy it in all possible forms and variations? Is it French bread, whole grain, gluten-free or even sweet? Do you need to help with the dough, fast bake the cake or enjoy extraordinary mash...

Tefal Pain Plaisir 1 kg PF220838 - Home Bakery
-19% £114.96
£92.90 excl.VAT £77.42
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: TEFSET07
ETA 1150 90000 Siestina
Home Bakery 800W, 1,300 g refill, 2 loaf sizes 900/1300 g, option 3 degrees of crust color, 10 preset programs to prepare bread, Keep Warm function, memory, LCD display, 2 hooks

Do you love fresh and crisp bread that smells wonderfully entire apartment? With homemade bakery ETA you can have it every...

ETA 1150 90000 Siestina - Home Bakery
-11% £74.45
£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6053d
Home Bakery - Stainless steel, 600W, 900g load, 11 programs, LCD, timer.

The SENCOR SBR930SS Stainless Steel Bread Maker is a very useful device for every household. The bakery is equipped with one kneading hook and fully automatic...

£55.90 excl.VAT £46.58
Special Offer
In stock 3 pcs
Order Code: EAV6073
Sencor SBR 1032SS
Bread maker - 580W, 900g maximum bread weight, 3 sizes of loaf 450/700/900g, 12 preset baking programs, 2 setting levels for baking the bread crust, blue backlit LCD display, 10-hour timer, silver colour

Bread maker Sencor SBR1032SS with fully automated operation is useful and versatile helper for every household. You can choose from 12..

£49.90 excl.VAT £41.58
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6073b
Panasonic SD-2511KXE
Home Bakery - black, digital operator, automatic dispenser raisins and yeast, 17 automatic programs for bread, 10 automatic programs dough, gluten-free regime

The smell of fresh bread is irresistible, too, will soon begin to drool? Do not get this experience impoverished and bake some bread alone. You will see that the smell will attract you from your computer and your teenage son and husband will be lured from tinkering in the workshop...

£174.90 excl.VAT £145.75
In stock 1 pcs
Order Code: EAV2330h
ECG PCB 538 white
Home Bakery - 800W, 1,300g filling, 10 programs, LCD, 2 hooks, timer
Bake your bread at home to your taste and for your enjoyment! Our home bread maker ensures a fully automated preparation (mixing, rising, baking)...

£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6102
Breadmaker - 800W, 12 programs, 2 kneading hooks with non-stick coating, a program for gluten-free bread, "Keep warm" function, option to chose loaf size from 900 to 1200g, a time delay feature up to 13hrs, LCD display, 3 levels of crust browning, a 10-minute memory in case of power failure

The Rohnson R-2092 home breadmaker is a very useful tool in every kitchen. The breadmaker is equipped with two kneading hooks and fully automatic dough preparation...

£71.90 excl.VAT £59.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: ROHGR006
Home Bakery 2 kneading hooks, 13-hour time switch, maximum bread volume 1350g

£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: EAV6073d
Concept PC-5060
Home Bakery -2 hooks, volume 1.3 kg, 12 preset programs, 1 nonstick removable form: fiction, LCD display with a description of the program delayed start up to 13 hours, the temperature maintenance for a period of 60 minutes, a form for baking baguettes 4 pcs

Concept PC-5060 is a powerful home-made Czech bakery, which allows you to bake traditional bread comfortably and effortlessly. You can use three types of crust coloration, twelve ingeniously designed programs then allow baking of a variety of pastries and doughs...

£95.90 excl.VAT £79.92
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: CONPCH01
Bread Maker - 615W, 2 loaf sizes 700/1000g, 12 programs, LCD display, function for maintaining temperature for 60 min, stainless steel

With Philco's bread maker, you can prepare fragrant and fresh bread whenever you feel like it. The delayed start feature...

£93.90 excl.VAT £78.25
Last piece in stock
Order Code: EAV6073c
Concept PC-5040
Home Bakery - gluten-free program, 2x kneading hooks, for 750-1250g of dough, 12 preset programs, 1x non-stick removable form: square, LCD display with program description, delayed start by up to 12hrs, 60-minute temperature maintenance function

The Concept PC-5040 is a practical home bakery, allowing you to enjoy fresh bread every day. Its 12-hour timer ensures that the baking starts exacty at the time that you choose...

£65.90 excl.VAT £54.92
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: ECO100n
Panasonic SD-2511WXE
Breadmaker - white, digital service, automatic dispenser of raisins, 17 automatic programs gluten-free mode

The smell of fresh pastries is irresistible, isn't it? Do not let this experience be a rarity and bake your own bread. You will see that the smell of freshly baked bread will attract both...

£161.90 excl.VAT £134.92
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: EAV2330j
KENWOOD BM 250 Bread maker
Home Bakery White, 480W, 500/750/1000 g load, 12 programs, fast baking, timer

Practical homemade bread at the bakery with an input power of 480 W. With the automatic dough and baking can be baking homemade bread easier! Just ...

KENWOOD BM 250 Bread maker - Home Bakery
-18% £72.77
£59.90 excl.VAT £49.92
In stock 4 pcs
Order Code: EAV6091
Princess 01.152007.01.001
Breadmaker - Fully automatic, optional volume 750g, surface of stainless steel bakery, glass window in the lid, LCD display and touch controls to set the program, time and degree of heating, 19 programs, gluten-free program, setting the crust's stability, maintaining the temperature for 60min, Bread, spoon and kneading hook with non-stick surface, power cable 1.2m long, non-slip feet, max. Power 500W
Princess Breadmaker - Multifunction home bakery with simple controls that you will love. Baking...

£59.90 excl.VAT £49.92
In stock > 5 pcs
Order Code: NEOX001
Home Bakery Power consumption 460-545W, 13 stored programs, capacity 500-1000g, all programs are suitable for gluten-free diet, deferred start up to 13 hours, maintaining temperature up to 60min, optional corn browning, touch panel with LCD display, glass lids on the lid, Power failure, ceramic surface of container and kneader, non-slip feet, dimensions approx. 37 x 25 x 34.5cm, belt drive, colour stainless / black
UNOLD COMPACT PLUS is a medium-sized homemade bakery that will make 500 to 1,000 grams of bread , making it especially...

£132.20 excl.VAT £110.17
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: UNODP003
Home Bakery Power consumption 550W, 16 stored programs, capacity 750-1000g, delayed start up to 15 hours, optional crust browning, LCD display and buttons, ceramic container surface and kneader, non-slip feet, dimensions approx 36.9 x 26.7 x 30.6cm, belt drive, stainless steel
UNOLD BACKMEISTER EDEL is a powerful home bakery ideal for frequent baking , even for a larger family. It grips bread with a...

£118.98 excl.VAT £99.15
In stock 2 pcs
Order Code: UNODP004

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