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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

VR or virtual reality is a hardware and software simulated environment that gives users the illusion of the real world. VR is usually used within the mobile and computer segments and can simulate game environments as well as training programs (e.g. pilot training, combat training, etc.). Virtual reality is viewed using special glasses and powerful hardware is required, usually your computer or phone.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display

To put it simply, it is an advanced display technology that has lower power consumption, better imaging properties, and higher durability compared to LCD. The OLED displays are notable for their rich blacks and high brightness. Combined with the excellent colour range, their image quality is pretty much perfect.

360-degree video

A progressive digital dimension created using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras that contain multiple camera lenses, stitching the captured footage together to create a single video. The resulting video does not limit you to a single perspective and you can use horizontal and vertical sliders to "search" the environment.

VR Ready

This term explains itself. This is a label for any hardware device (laptops, phones, graphics cards, etc.) that is sufficiently powerful to run virtual reality.

Augmented reality

To avoid any confusion between these two “realities”, here is a short explanation about the differences between the two. Pokémon GO, which was a huge hit in the summer 2016, is a typical example of augmented reality (AR). You move in the real world and view it through a camera, which displays the world as is, except with added digital elements or objects. As its name suggests, it is your normal reality “augmented” with digital animations or other modifications.

Haptic feedback

A modern control element used mainly in apps and games. Haptic technology is extremely touch-sensitive — modern devices with this technology can detect the degree of pressure you are applying. Different levels of pressure result in different effects. In the settings you can turn on the so-called tactile feedback, which means the system feeds you information on your actions. For example, in car racing, you have no pedals, but you have a steering wheel you can turn. If you strongly press the right side, the car speeds up; if you press the left side, the car slows down. If you press the steering wheel with enough force to trigger the brake function, the steering wheel gently vibrates to let you know it worked.


Gamepads are used to control devices, applications and games, e.g. joysticks, steering wheels, etc. Gamepad design places high importance on ergonomics and ease of use. They are usually connected via a USB cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

NFC tag (Near field communication tag)

A small modern chip that uses NFC technology. NFC enables wireless communication between multiple devices. The NFC tag does not require a power source and has many uses. In virtual reality, it is commonly used as a “trigger” of sorts for some phone settings. If you touch the tag (located, for example, on your VR headset) with your smartphone, it activates a special VR mode, which mutes the ringtone, turns off vibration, or raises brightness. By touching the tag you tell the smartphone that you are going to use VR, so it automatically adjusts the right settings.


Also known as motion sickness, it is a condition caused by motion and often accompanied by nausea. The vestibular system in the inner ear – the sensor organ that governs the sense of balance and spatial orientation - informs your brain of your movement in a fundamentally different way than your eyes. To put it simply, motion sickness happens when the brain gets confused by the received input. Nausea, paleness, sweating, and rapid heartbeat are the common symptoms that accompany this condition. For clarification - imagine that you are wearing a headset and sitting still in a chair. The events you are watching in virtual reality, however, take place in an amusement park, where you are enjoying an adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ride. The vestibular apparatus is telling your brain that you are definitely not moving, but your eyes are seeing something very different. This discrepancy can result in the temporary condition we know as motion sickness.

EVA foam

A comfortable and highly flexible padding material that softens pressure and allows you to wear the device longer. Commonly used in headsets, headphones, or VR goggles.


Virtual reality headsets usually comprise a pair of special VR glasses with integrated headphones. Modern headsets also include more advanced features like eye-tracking and fragrances that provide scent.

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Why buy from us? We have over 1 million items in stock More info »
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