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How to choose an electric chainsaw


Electric chainsaws are suitable for small jobs in the workshop, house or garden. While less powerful than petrol models, they are also quieter, making them particularly suitable for indoor use. As the name suggests, electric chainsaws can only be used in close proximity to a power supply.

Jak vybrat elektrickou pilu
Advantages and disadvantages
  • Sufficient power for use in the workshop and garden
  • Suitable for work in confined spaces
  • Quieter than petrol chainsaws
  • Do not require petrol or oil
  • Cheaper than petrol chainsaws
  • Must be connected to mains electricity
  • Lower performance than petrol chainsaws

Frequently asked questions when choosing an electric chainsaw

Do electric chainsaws have sufficient power?

While petrol chainsaws are more suited to heavy work in the woods, electric chainsaws have sufficient power for small jobs around the house and in the garden, such as pruning trees or cutting wood with a maximum diameter of 40 cm. Electric chainsaws are easier to operate and maintain than petrol chainsaws. Furthermore, they are also quieter, so you won't have to worry about disturbing your family or neighbours. Electric chainsaw power ranges beween 550-2800 W.

How big are electric chainsaws?

Electric chainsaws come with a bar length of 30-40 cm. A barlength of 30-35 cm is generally sufficient for cutting wood for the fireplace, with longer bars able to cut thicker pieces of wood.

What safety features should a chainsaw have?

A chain brake is a vital safety feature. Placed on the top handle of a chainsaw, it stops the chain rotating immediately in the event of kickback. A chain catcher is another important safety feature. In the event of a broken chain, the chain catcher stops the chain from being thrown back towards the user, thus preventing injury.

Electric chainsaws

  • Suitable for light work in the workshop and garden
  • Quiet and easy to maintain

Important parameters

Výkon pily


While electric chainsaws are quieter and easier to maintain than petrol models, they also offer less power - usually in the range of 550-2800 W, but most often between 1.6 and 2 kW. This is sufficient power for cutting smaller pieces of wood.

Petrol chainsaws are designed for heavy use throughout the year. They are characterised by a longer bar and generally higher performance. Hobby chainsaws generally have 1-1.5 kW of power, with professional models boasting 3-4 kW.

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Bar length

Different types of chainsaw have different bar lengths. Electric chainsaws come with 30-40 cm bars. A bar length of 30-35 cm is sufficient for cutting wood for the fireplace, with 35 cm or more recommended for cutting thicker pieces of wood. Cordless chainsaws come with a bar length of 11.5-35 cm, petrol hobby chainsaws are between 35-40 cm, while professional chainsaws are larger at around 45-50 cm.

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Due to their lower performance, electric and cordless chainsaws are suitable for light work in the workshop, around the house, and in the garden. They are easy to maintain and do not require petrol or oil to run, making them more environmentally friendly.

Petrol chainsaws can be divided into the following variants: hobby, farm, and professional. All feature a petrol tank and an oil tank. The petrol is used to power the motor, whereas the oil is used to lubricate the chain.

Hobby saws

Hobby saws are the cheapest variant and are suitable for light work in the garden, e.g. cutting branches and pieces of wood up to 20 cm in diameter. This makes them ideal for preparing firewood. They generally feature plastic construction, a bar length of 30-35 cm, and an output of 1-1.5 kW.

Farmer saws

Farmer saws are more powerful than hobby saws and are designed to cut larger quantities of wood. Some models feature a metal structure, with a bar length of around 40 cm and an output of 1.5-3 kW.

Professional saws

Professional petrol saws are the most powerful type of chainsaw (3-4 kW) and feature superior construction. They are designed for professional use and cutting large quanitites of wood throughout the year.

Glossary - Chainsaws


The length of the chainsaw bar determines the diameter of the material you can cut, with longer bars able to cut greater diameters of material.


When choosing a chainsaw, make sure it is one of those where you can quickly replace the chain without any tools. The chain speed is another important criterion. The general rule is that the higher the speed, the more wood you can cut. In terms of safety, it is important to note whether the saw has a chain catcher. The chain catcher helps prevent the chain being thrown back towards the user if the chain breaks, which can prevent terrible injuries.

Anti-vibration handle

An anti-vibration system designed for comfortable and safe use of chainsaws. Anti-vibration handles soften the force of vibrations using springs or dampers.


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