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How to Choose a Food Tester


Nitrogen is one of the most popular fertilisers for produce. Consuming more nitrates than the recommended amount can seriously increase health risks for adults and especially young children. How do you know the nitrate content of the vegetables, fruit and meat that you're buying? Use a food tester. Our guide will help you choose the correct one for you. We'll tell you how they work, what information you get by using one, and what is considered a healthy or unhealthy amount of nitrates.


Nitrates in food pose a serious threat to human health. You can find them not only in chemically treated fruits and vegetables, but also in salads, meat products, and other industrially processed foods. How can you find out if your food contains nitrates? With a simple food diagnostics test. So how does a food diagnostics test work, how can it help maintain a healthy lifestyle, and who will benefit from it?

How to Select Food Diagnostics

Who Will Benefit from a Food Tester?

  1. People who adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

  2. People who want to take better care of their children and loved ones.

  3. People who want to be sure they eat healthy food.

  4. Small farmers, shop and restaurant owners, and others who want to sell and cook only healthy foods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Testers

What Is Measured With a Food Tester?

The Food Tester Greentest detects ions in foods, the most important of which are nitrate ions. Other salts (e.g. nitrites) account for less than 2% of the total amount of salt in food and they are also included in the measurements.

How Does Food Diagnostics Work?

Greentest measures the nitrate value using electrodes. The node is placed directly into your food, and based on the conductivity of the reading, results are determined and shown on the display. Results depend on multiple factors, such as:

  • The concentration of salts in the intercellular space of the food
  • The condition of cell membranes in food

Greentest Food Diagnostics is calibrated and tested at the Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection Laboratory in China.

How Long Does It Take to Get Nitrate Analysis Through Food Diagnostics?

Thanks to the innovative technology developed for Greentest, the device will show the results in just a few seconds. You don't have to wait for a lengthy lab analysis - within a minute you'll know if you have the high-quality, healthy food you're looking for.

How Do I Know If the Amount of Nitrates Is Acceptable?

The results of the test are displayed on the Greentest gauge display, including a comparison with the permitted concentration in food (as recommended by the World Health Organization and standards for the United States, Europe and Asia). After comparing the results from your food test and the recommended concentration, the display of the gauge will turn one of three colours:

  • Green - low nitrate content
  • Yellow - above average nitrate content
  • Red - excessive nitrate content

A Short Video About Nitrates and Food Allergies - Greentest

Food Diagnostics Greentest

Greentest Food Tester

  • Measures nitrate content in food
  • For measuring fruit, vegetables, and meat
  • Evaluates the nitrate concentration in 64 different food types

Greentest food testers, unlike quantitative chemical food analysis, is affordable and fast. The nitrate content in foods will be evaluated within seconds and you'll know whether your fruit, vegetables, and meats are suitable for consumption or full of dangerous nitrates. In addition, ECO models can measure radiation and the ECO5 measures radiation and water hardness. Greentest helps take care of your family's health, especially your children, who are most sensitive to nitrate-related illnesses.

Pros and Cons
  • Food analysis anytime, anywhere
  • Cheaper than laboratory analysis
  • Can be used for fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • The analysis is not 100% accurate

Frequently Asked Questions About Greentest Food Testers

What is the accuracy of the measurement?

Laboratories in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have determined that the accuracy of measurements taken with the Greentest Food Diagnostics is round 77.5%. It is important to remember that the measured result is an estimate and does not replace expensive quantitative chemical analysis in specialised laboratories. However, it is good enough for home use.

Can different values be measured in different parts of food?

Yes, it is possible. Nitrates are unevenly distributed in food. Higher concentrations can be found, for example, in the seeds and stems of vegetables and fruits. It is recommended that the portion of food with excess nitrate be removed.

Greentest Food Tester Models

You can find three models of Greentest food diagnostics on the market:

  • Tester Greentest A - measures the amount of nitrates in fruits, vegetables, and meat
  • Tester Greentest ECO A - measures the amount of nitrates and radiation in fruits, vegetables, and meat, 
  • Tester Greentest ECO5 - measures the amount of nitrates in fruits, vegetables and meat as well as radiation and water hardness

Radiation measurement for Greentest ECO models

The ECO models measure background radiation as well as radiation in objects, food, building materials, and other materials that can be contaminated. Radiation is especially dangerous for the body and over time greatly increases the risk of developing cancer.

Water hardness measurement for ECO5 models

In addition to measuring nitrates and radiation, the ECO5 also has a water hardness measurement in 5 levels:

  • Soft water
  • Slightly hard water
  • Moderately hard water
  • Hard water
  • Very hard water

Knowledge of water hardness will help you save time and money. If you have soft water in your home, you don't have to buy special detergents to prevent calcium build-up in coffee machines, irons, and other appliances. If, on the other hand, you have hard water, you know to purchase the appropriate products to avoid damaging your appliances.

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